5 Learning Theories

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5 Learning Theories by Mind Map: 5 Learning Theories

1. Behaviourism

1.1. Change in behaviour in response to a stimulus in the environment.

1.2. Observable response

1.3. Nature vs. Nurture

1.4. Positive/negative rewards

1.5. Repitition

1.6. "Teach Yourself" online tools, ipads, smartboards, jeopardy - tons of education aspects!

2. Cognitive Load

2.1. Short-term memory

2.2. Only retains a little bit of information

2.3. Eventually turns to long-term memory

3. Constructivism

3.1. The mind is a network

3.2. Based on own experience

3.3. Learners construct something to show others

3.4. Building knowledge by doing things

3.5. Making a youtube video, scratch, presentations

4. Connectivism

4.1. Connection with nodes on your network

4.2. Knowing more is more important than what is already known

4.3. Taking in new information

4.4. Learning in the digital age

5. Cognitivism

5.1. Our thinking

5.2. What is going on in our brains memory

5.3. The mind recalls stored information

5.4. Prezzi, powerpoint, mind maps, lumosity