Solution Concept To Automatically Link BIM & BAS

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Solution Concept To Automatically Link BIM & BAS by Mind Map: Solution Concept To Automatically Link BIM & BAS

1. Components

1.1. BIM Software

1.2. Building Information Model

1.3. BAS Software

1.4. Building Specific Data

1.5. A Standard Or Format For Automatically Transferring The BAS Data To The Building Information Model For Analysis

2. Design

2.1. Concept

2.1.1. Real-time Building Specific Data Input

2.1.2. Building Specific Data Analysis

2.1.3. BIM & BAS Interaction

2.2. Are There Any Vendors Currently Developing BAS Software For FM That Interacts With Building Information Models?

3. Problems/Weaknesses

3.1. BIM & BAS Currently Perform In Isolation

3.2. Due To The Fragmented Nature Of The AEC-FM Industry A Single Open Source Standard, Such As IFC, For Successfully Transporting Construction Data Models Without Loss Of Data Is Yet To Be Completed

3.2.1. Developing A Standard Or Format For Transferring The Building Specific Data To The Building Information Model Will Be Difficult

4. Functionality Required

4.1. Interoperability Between The Information Stored Within The BAS And The Building Information Model

4.1.1. An Open Source Format Compatible With The Building Information Model And The BAS

5. Strengths

5.1. Real-time Building Specific Data Automatically Used For Building Analysis As Opposed To Theoretical Data

5.2. Eliminates The Need To Manually Compare Theoretical Analysis With Building Specific Data

5.3. BIM & BAS Work Simultaneously In An Integrated Fashion

6. Opportunities

6.1. Lessons Learned From Building Analysis Using Real-time Data For Future Projects

6.2. Improves Communication And Collaboration Between The Building Design Team And The Facility Manager