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1. Epidemiology

1.1. Epidemiology

1.2. Drugs and Chemicals

1.2.1. Aniti-inflammatory medications Corticosteroids NSAIDs Indomethacin

1.3. Heliobacter Pylori is a major causative factor in chronic gastritis

1.4. Metabolic Disorders

1.5. Auto-immune antibodies against parietal cells in the mucosa of gastric lining

2. Treatments

2.1. Current Common Treatments

2.2. Symptom Management

2.3. antacids

2.4. Surgical Ecision

2.5. Vitamin B12- if pernicious anemia present

3. Behaviors affecting Gastritis

3.1. Alcohol abuse

3.2. Stress

3.3. Poor diet

4. Clinical Presentation

4.1. Clinical Presentation

4.2. Vaugue abdominal discomfort

4.3. Epigastric Pain

4.4. Anorexia

4.5. Nausea and Vomiting

5. Definition of Gastritis: an inflammatory disorder of the gastric mucosa (McCance and Huether,1991)

6. Types of Gastritis

6.1. Fundal

6.2. Duodenal

6.3. Antral

7. References