GlobalOutlook WBS

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GlobalOutlook WBS by Mind Map: GlobalOutlook WBS

1. Migration/Import

1.1. Migration tools

1.2. Test migration

1.3. Prod migration

2. Preparation

2.1. Detail Workshops

2.1.1. Operations Database Network Hardware/OS Architecture Sizing High availability Storage Log Host

2.1.2. Provisioning User Tenants/Contexts Groups Resources

2.1.3. Reporting Users Open-Xchange

2.1.4. Basic Integration Authentication Mail IMAP SMTP Push Mailfilter / Vacation Customer self service

2.1.5. Custom Plugins (optional) Upsell Folderbaum Alternativen Connection to Provisioning Branding GUI Web App OLOX2 Hostname SPAM Cloudmark SPAMAssassin SPAM Settings SMS/MMS Backend Bundle Optionen Password-Change Wizard Configure Services / Mailprovider Tab Mailaccounts Plugin Configure Mailprovider

2.1.6. Migration Contacts from existing Webmail Calendar from existing Webmail Settings, other..

3. Installation

3.1. Provide Environment

3.1.1. Filestore (NFS) Storage

3.1.2. Database (MySQL) Master Slave Database User Version and host system setup

3.1.3. Apache instances Site Configuration proxy/ajp configuration Certificates Domain CalDAV/CardDAV Wildcard

3.1.4. Loadbalancer HTTP UDP MySQL

3.1.5. Firewall Open-Xchange software repository access Pub/Sub Multiple IMAP Database

3.1.6. Mail system

3.1.7. Log Host

3.2. Provisioning

3.3. Install OX HE

3.3.1. OperatingSystem

3.3.2. OX Packages Basic Authentication USM/Active Sync Autoconfig OXUpdater OXtender for MS Outlook CardDAV/CalDAV

3.3.3. OX Configuration Initial Configuration Database User AJP Connections Pub/Sub API Keys Syslog

4. Training

4.1. Administrator

4.1.1. Install/Config Workshop

4.2. Customer Care

4.2.1. First level support

4.2.2. Second level support

4.2.3. Third level support

4.3. End User

5. Customize Open-Xchange

5.1. Theming

5.1.1. GUI

5.1.2. Oxtender Mac OS X MS Outlook Mobility

5.2. GUI Plugins

5.2.1. Upsell

5.3. OSGI server Plugins

5.3.1. Upsell

5.3.2. Config Jump

5.3.3. Spam

5.4. Custom Login Form

5.5. Authentication

6. Acceptance Tests

6.1. Performance - JMeter

6.2. Autom. Tests

6.3. Requirement document

6.4. Config review