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Horizon Report 2013 Conversations by Mind Map: Horizon Report 2013
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Horizon Report 2013 Conversations

1-2 years


UMich, official, Coursera, Open Michigan, other, P2PU, dScribe, More, Udacity, etc

Other, Learning from Data, Games MOOC

Tablet computing

UMich, iPads Med School, in discussion, Housing Information Technology Office, Human Resources, staff use, Papyrus 46 (library), Engineering, Apps, ASK Messaging, For cerebral palsy patients (2011), Feature, Lecture Tools, LectureTools launches iPad app to keep students engaged and organized, AOSS Prof. Perry Samson’s Classroom iPad App Debuts at Consumer Electronics Show, iTunes, Blog, Video, Michigan Engineer, The new Michigan Engineer iPad app is now available, iTunes, Mobile Users Group, Mobile Developers Groups, LSA Advising Center, MyTime, MyGuide, Mobile App Challenge, UMMS Mobile Development Team (Laurie Kirchmeier), Kinect SDK Kit

Other, Yale: Shared Visions – Yale Students Use iPads to View Live Microscope Images, Vanderbilt: App turns tablet into math aid for visually impaired students, Haptic, Northwestern: Chinese language class experiments with iPad

3-4 years

Big Data

UMich, Eating and Attitudes, ORCI, Infrastructure, workshops, accounts, tutorials, options for skills building

Learning Analytics

UMich, Tim McKay, Physics, Steve Lonn, Library, Anne Gere, Sweetland, LATF

Other, Stanford: Multimodal Learning Analytics, Glass Classroom

Game-Based Learning

Umich, UMD, Bruce Maxim, Game design, Game day, Bibliobouts, UMAA, SoE, Barry Fisher, Engin? UMSI?, Game design, Gamification engine for instruction

Other, McGill: Open Orchestra, Requires complicated equipment set up, Fresno State: Library Orientation Game, Fresno example inspired other thoughts, Comics: Library of the Living Dead (pdf), Augmented Reality interactive tours, ARISgames, QR Code Quest

5-6 years

3D Printing

UMich, FabLab, Duderstadt, 3D lab, CAVE, Electronic Lunch, Festifools, Lumenotbots

Other, Case U: ThinkBox, U. Mary Washington: ThinkLab, Desktop Drugstores, Stanford FabLearn, Discussion, Green Chem / Green Medicine, "FabLabs" & Makerspaces in Libraries, Copyright & intellectual property, Liability & legal issues, Process design for learning

Wearable Technology

UMich, Pebble Watch, Pebblizer, Kickstarter, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Will an Apple Watch Replace the iPhone?, PF Anderson's Wearable Tech Pinterest Board

Other, Educational examples?, Georgia Tech, Wearable tech that charges devices may make it possible to bring education, research, science, tech into spaces where lack of infrastructure has previously made that challenging.


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