Input and Output Divices

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Input and Output Divices by Mind Map: Input and Output Divices

1. Input Devices to make the computer look for, load and appliction software. The user have to tell the computer what to do.

2. Modems enable digital microcomputers to send output through the telephone lines.

3. Monitors displays computer information on the screen.

4. Printers are an output device that is a hard copy of data. Printers can be classified into many different types.

5. Output

6. Output devces are pieces of hardward that move information out of the computer.

7. Keyboard is like a typerwiter which control the computer.

8. Scanner devices that reads pattern and data

9. Mouse is use to point on a sceen.

10. Touch sceen is used to interact with the computer

11. Each of these input device has unique properties that make it very useful in teaching and learning environment.

12. Input

12.1. Vonda Woods