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X-Ray Image Intensifiers by Mind Map: X-Ray Image Intensifiers
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X-Ray Image Intensifiers

Convert X-Rays into visible light

First the x-ray hits the input phosphor

The phosphor is actually a tubular crystal, making a light pipe to the photocathode (aluminum)

The light creates photoelectronics that are guided through the tube and concentrated into the smaller output opening via EM fields created by electrodes along the walls of the tube

The photoelectron is converted back to visible light by the (photoanode or phosphor)


Defined as the brightness of the periphery of the window vs the center of the window with the center blocked by a lead disk.

Two types of contast

Brightness Gain


Uses smaller input phosphor area to same output area, giving the effect of zooming in

Dose increases

Smaller the field size, larger the magnification, larger the dose to the patient

Spatial resolution

4-6 line pairs/mm (lp/mm)




Veiling Glare


S Distortion