Online Survey Tools by Tiffany Fung

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Online Survey Tools by Tiffany Fung by Mind Map: Online Survey Tools  by Tiffany Fung

1. CLC

1.1. Disadvantage

1.1.1. does not provide multiple choice

1.1.2. URL links to WIS homepage not the survey

1.1.3. looks bad

1.1.4. No choice in layout or templates

1.1.5. no analysis of results

1.1.6. does not show results clearly

1.1.7. Need to be part of WIS

1.2. Advantage

1.2.1. Easy accessible, in the school website

1.3. Type of Questions

1.3.1. type everything up, nothing to click

1.3.2. respondent have to type up answers

2. Zoomerang

2.1. Types of Questions

2.1.1. Multiple Choice

2.1.2. One Answer/Choice

2.1.3. Comment Box

2.1.4. Rating Scale

2.1.5. Ranking Que

2.1.6. Yes or No Que

2.2. Advantages

2.2.1. Can use image in survey

2.2.2. Provide results analysis

2.2.3. Lots of different themes, templates and layouts

2.2.4. New node

2.2.5. Help check spelling errors in survey

2.2.6. World Wide, can look at other people's example

2.2.7. Easy to access

2.2.8. Provide free trial

2.2.9. Easy to understand and use

2.2.10. Can make a contact list

2.2.11. Can make a URL link for other people to access

2.2.12. appealing

2.2.13. Create more than one survey

2.3. Disadvantage

2.3.1. Not all functions is given in the free trial

2.3.2. Results will be expired after a certain period of time

2.3.3. Limited amount of survey responses

2.3.4. cannot download survey

2.3.5. quite expensive

3. Survey Monkey

3.1. Advantage

3.1.1. Nice layouts

3.1.2. Appealing

3.1.3. analysis results

3.1.4. Free trial

3.1.5. Create URL

3.1.6. Easy to use, understand to access

3.1.7. Quite similar with Zoomerang

3.2. Types of Questions

3.2.1. Same as Zoomerang

3.3. Disadvantage

3.3.1. quite expensive

3.3.2. Would expire

3.3.3. Not all functions can be use

3.3.4. limited amount of responses and surveys

3.3.5. Quite similar with Zoomerang