Summary of Online Survey

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Summary of Online Survey by Mind Map: Summary of Online Survey

1. CLC Survey

1.1. Advantages

1.1.1. Detailed editing

1.1.2. The user can save any progress at their own will

1.1.3. More than one type of responses in the question

1.2. Disadvantages

1.2.1. Not so easy to use - Too many steps

1.2.2. Not so many types of questions and responses compared to the other survey programmes

1.3. Features

1.3.1. Allows the user to choose their preferred survey format

1.3.2. Has 'Question Sets'

1.3.3. Three different kind of response questions - Text, option and multiple option

1.3.4. Allows the user to write an introduction

1.3.5. Can be made 'anonymous'

2. Survey Monkey

2.1. Advantages

2.1.1. Support any language

2.1.2. Quick and easy to use

2.1.3. Advanced validation

2.1.4. Total customization

2.1.5. Strong security and privacy

2.2. Disadvantages

2.2.1. Autosaves allowed therefore questions you do not want to save will be saved

2.2.2. Limited themes (colours and design of the survey)

2.2.3. Limited features for basic account

2.3. Features

2.3.1. Can add logo to your survey

2.3.2. Can save survey as PDF

2.3.3. Set collection restrictions

2.3.4. Support kiosks or computer labs

2.3.5. Create popups

3. Zoomerang

3.1. Advantages

3.1.1. Simple and easy to use - 3 easy steps

3.1.2. The user can save any progress at their own will

3.1.3. Zoomerang's Survey Programming Service - help users to edit surveys

3.1.4. Zoomerang Professional Service - help users to deploy surveys

3.1.5. Fast collection of feedbacks

3.2. Disadvantages

3.2.1. Limited features for basic account

3.2.2. Limited themes

3.3. Features

3.3.1. Rearranging questions is allowed

3.3.2. Variety of services (e.g. Zoomerang Professional Service)

3.3.3. Can request 'quotes'