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Increase! Summit by Mind Map: Increase! Summit

1. Purposes of this event: To alert you to the dangerous headwinds ministries are facing and to show you that the those same headwinds can be used to increase your ministry. To prove the harvest is as great as it has ever been and to show you the tools you need and where the fields are.

2. Who is Alexander Vickers?

2.1. Internet and Mobile Marketing Strategist

2.1.1. Turned around Crystal Cathedral and Hour of Power's new media operations making it a primary driver of revenue and attractor for younger audiences.

2.1.2. Broke down barriers to evangelism in China, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other countries for multiple clients.

2.1.3. Advised Morris Cerullo, Kirbyjon Caldwell, Sheila Schuller Coleman and others about world-changing trends impacting ministry.

2.1.4. Conceived and developed multiple apps for smartphones. Flawless approval record in App Store.

2.2. Entertainment and Multimedia Marketing Expert

2.2.1. Vickers' company Dreamscape Studios is perennially recognized on Variety's Hit List of trailer houses.

2.2.2. Worked with Quincy Jones, Tony Robbins, George Noory, Jerry Doyle, Lionsgate, Warner Bros. and others.

2.2.3. Created two successful DVD of the month clubs one in secular world and the other in Christian media.

2.3. Personal

2.3.1. Husband, father of two year old boy

2.3.2. Went from living in trailers to making trailers

2.3.3. Passion for helping ministries succeed and increase

2.3.4. Dad is a lay minister

3. State of Ministry

3.1. According to a recent, far-reaching study, 273,180 ministries and churches will go into debt in 2013

3.2. 2012 revenue decrease estimates:

3.2.1. The Catholic Church: $68.2 million, down 0.44 percent.

3.2.2. Southern Baptist Convention: $16.1 million, down 0.15 percent.

3.2.3. The United Methodist Church: $7.7 million, down 1.22 percent.

3.2.4. Evangelical Lutheran Church in America: $4.3 million, down 5.9 percent.

3.2.5. Presbyterian Church (USA): $2.7 million, down 3.42 percent.

3.3. But it get’s worse... It’s not just revenue that’s declining

3.3.1. Established churches, on average, are declining in attendance

3.3.2. At the rate we’re going, church attendance in 2050 will be half of what it was in 1990

3.3.3. Harvest Crusade attendance declines despite adding more venues

3.3.4. Trinity Broadcasting Network has laid off workers and scrambled to fill programming holes as T.D. Jakes, Joyce Meyer and other big-name ministries rely less on a broken TV ministry model

3.4. It's not just you though...

3.4.1. TV audiences, especially the most coveted demos, are declining even as population is growing

3.4.2. Web searches from desktop computers have declined for the first time ever

3.4.3. Facebook desktop usage is declining, especially among the young

3.4.4. Where is everybody?

3.5. ...and it's not your fault

3.5.1. The Gospel is perfect

3.5.2. Your message is Christ-centered and is anointed.

3.5.3. There must be another explanation...

4. The Truth that explains and changes everything

4.1. We are in the greatest moment in the history of information and media

4.2. And 2013 is the point of no return

4.3. This is the year the number of mobile devices connected to the internet exceeds the number of computers connected to the internet

4.4. It's happening so quickly and seamlessly you may not even realize it or recognize the impact coming to your ministry.

5. 3 Main Challenges Ministries Must Face IF They Want to Thrive Into the Future

5.1. Put your "EAR" to the ground

5.2. ENGAGING more deeply and more often with the people they influence

5.2.1. Once a week (at best) is simply not enough in the midst of the thousands of messages coming via the Enemy each week.

5.3. ATTRACTING more congregants and supporters

5.4. REACHING the young and the ready

6. A closing window... The winners and losers in this new realm are being determined in 2013. If you're not there this year, you will be locked in perpetual catch-up mode.

7. Where is everybody?

7.1. TOILETS vs. TELEPHONES “...the people of India now have better access to mobile phones than to toilets...” - UN News Center 2010

7.2. 2 billion internet-connected desktop and laptop COMPUTERS worldwide vs. 6.1 billion mobile subscriptions (over 80% of the world’s population)

7.3. By 2015: There will be 15 billion devices connected to the internet - that's 2 for every single person on the planet

7.4. There will be 130 million people with devices connected to the internet who don't even have electricity (because of wireless devices)

7.5. TIme it took to reach 50 million users: Telephone: 38 years TV: 13 years Internet: 4 years iPhone: 2 years... Newest iPhone: 2 million sold in 1 week

8. The App Era

8.1. Reasons why you need an app now

8.1.1. Like owning a piece of real estate on the most important device of your follower's life.

8.1.2. Medium is message

8.1.3. Another revenue channel

8.1.4. The website is being surpassed by the app as the preferred portal to use the internet *According to Nielsen

8.1.5. 1 trillion app events in 2013

8.2. Benefits to Ministries

8.2.1. Unlimited engagement Push notifications have 100% read rate, reach those with your app instantly and keep you top of mind Imagine having a cable channel bringing content to subscribers via their phones 24/7 without the cost of airtime, etc.

8.2.2. Higher average gifts First donation via client's app was $600 and from the UK. It was an American church.

8.2.3. Makes your ministry global, instantly Hour of Power / Robert Schuller tried to penetrate China for 30 years and failed. Our app and marketing strategy opened China in less than 2 weeks. Hour of Power's app is bringing donations in from China and others. Sheila Coleman's ministry is a startup and has used an app exclusively to bring in donations from China, Europe and others. The combined power of app markets put an unmatched distribution channel at your command.

9. The SoLoMon Solution

9.1. SoLoMo = Social, Local, Mobile

9.1.1. Social

9.1.2. Local

9.1.3. Mobile

9.2. Millions are looking, are they finding you?

9.2.1. Local Information Seekers: 95% of smartphone users have looked for local information 77% have contacted a business, with 61% calling and 59% visiting the local business 88% of these users take action within a day, indicating these are immediate information needs Looking for local information is done by virtually all smartphone users and consumers are ready to act on the information they find. 88% of those who look for local information on their smartphones take action within a day.

9.2.2. Google keyword search tool reveals...

9.2.3. Setup a Google Places page for your church ASAP.

9.3. Remember the Hope Center OC demonstration

9.3.1. Text message strategy supercharges their list.

9.4. Mobile Optimize Website

9.4.1. Reasons you need it People who visit your site on mobile devices are the most serious. Nine out of ten smartphone searches results in an action (purchasing, visiting a business, etc.) 24% recommended a brand or product to others as a result of a smartphone search Distills your website down to the essentials for mobile users and enhances their experience, increasing the chances you engage these people. In Google They Trust - Google determines who finds you and if you have a mobile optimized website (along with other SoLoMo elements) you get found and others don't

9.4.2. True benefits Search engine rankings and visibility increase Attract action-oriented searchers (who are generally younger and financially stronger) Gain almost unfair advantage

9.4.3. If you are brave and don't want to hire an expert to create your mobile website visit for an affordable option to get you started

9.4.4. Does not have the engagement power and reach advantages of the app though.

10. Strategic Advertising Paired with Mobile

10.1. Not for everybody

10.1.1. Must have strong grasp of the value of a new name being added to your mailing list.

10.1.2. Must have someone who is an expert on creating donor relationship funnels

10.1.3. Must have compelling offers

10.2. Reasons it's important

10.2.1. Gives you ability to meet the interested halfway

10.3. Benefits

10.3.1. Inexpensive

10.3.2. Highly trackable

10.3.3. Low entry cost

10.3.4. Pay only for what works

10.3.5. No other medium acquires new donors and congregants at a lower cost or as consistently

10.4. Cautions

10.4.1. Need to work with someone who understands how to leverage this for you

10.4.2. Costs will go up dramatically in the future as others catch on. Beat the goldrushers and be one of the people who finds the gold.

10.4.3. Your fundraising operations must be mature, systematic and predictable.

10.5. Alexander Vickers uses for mobile app advertising and is getting new donors for clients for about $5 a name.