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Teachers & their School Profiles, Hopes and Fears by Mind Map: Teachers & their School Profiles,
Hopes and Fears
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Teachers & their School Profiles, Hopes and Fears

Janice -- 5th Grade

What is your comfort level?

A. Navigating Digital Media: 3

B. Creating Digital Media: 2 (Anything beyond text takes me a long time)., classroom production: experimenting with digital writing, small groups on Prezi, Voicethread, Voki

C. Teaching Kids about the role of Digital Media: 2 (I have tried a lot and exposed my class to using digital media, however it has been a lot of exposure and not directly teaching because some of it is hard for me to navigate and I am learning some of it alongside them.), research-based essays -- talking about video game culture. pros/cons of video games

D. Talking about the Role of Digital Media with kids: 4

Hope: I want to learn new ways to prepare my students to be learn and express their thoughts through digital media., production, synthesis

Fear: Frustration about equitable access to resources and technology in classrooms and teachers/students. Also frustration about access to technology for our students and families (socio-economic status issues)., resources are being used by teachers not students

Judy -- 5th Grade

I already had a note.

ciao ragazzi

Comfort level

a) 2/3

b) 2

c) 1

d) 3/2, 3--considering big picture aspects of the role of technology in our digital world vs. analog world, 2--practical aspects of how to integrate technology into schoolwork, daily life etc.

Going Forward

hope, to incorporate available technology into student learning

fear, a) there are view few access points for students to explore/utilize technology in independent settings; b) children in our community have varied levels of access to technology at home

Lauren -- 1st Grade

1- Access: classroom: Smartboard, document camera,desktop, camera. School:checking out tools. Technology coordinator available for trouble-shooting and repairs and a technology teacher for class

Comfort level- A) 2 B) 1 not comfortable past word or notebook document. C) 1 not comfortable past teaching basic Smartboard rules. D)1

Hope: To be able to take any technology learned and USE it in the classroom

Fear: To always be lost.

Lindsy -- 1st Grade

Comfort Level a.) 3 b.) 2 c.) 1+ d.) 2

lack of access and support

struggling to get kids hands-on

A hope for this class: Becoming comfortable enough with a digital tool that I can realistically use in my classroom to aid my students learning.

A fear for this class: I won't be able to carry over the digital tools learned, whether from lack of digital access in the classroom or my own hesitation with the digital tools. Frustration.

Brianna -- 1st Grade


Comfort level w/ media literacy

A) 3 I feel fairly comfortable navigating digital media

B) 1/2? Not very comfortable creating digital media past creating word documents

C) 1 - Not comfortable teaching kids to use digital media. Not much experience/ knowledge, class managment, routines and strategies for incorporating media

30 kids in the class

Hopes - Discover and learn new ways to integrate digital media within my daily teaching.

Fears - Becoming frustrated with kinds of digital media/ deleting projects. Time

Zoe - 1st Grade

Comfort Levels:

Navigating digital Literacy: 3

Creating media: 1, Have only created word docs, smartboard files

Teaching kids: 2, Not a lot of experience, no tech class in 1st grade

Talking about digital literacy: 3

Hopes and Fears

Learn new ways to organize information and bring technology to students

Not use what I've learned because of lack of access

PS 503 Digital Media Landscape


Teachers need class management strategies

Teachers not always aware of what's available

Reliable tech support is a challenge

Classroom Access to Smartboards, document cameras, desktop & camera.

School Access: checking out shared resources

180 iPads

Shared Laptops

Computer Lab

CUNY intern on the way

Vicki - 5th Grade PS 372 - The Children's School

Hi there!

Hi there!


What technology do you have access to?, Smart board, desktop, printer, scanner, 26 laptops (1:1 computing in the 4th and 5th grades), digital camera., Schoolwide: ipads (alternate assessments)., Technology Coordinator team-teaches. Covers three 4th grade and three 5th grade classes.

What is your comfort level (1-5)?

Comfort Levels (1-5)

Navigating digital media: 4

Creating digital media: 3

Teaching kids to use digital media: 3

Talking about the role of digital media: 4

I hope that, through this class, I can learn more about digital media and, therefore, keep up with my students and the ever-changing world of technology.

Keeping up

i.e. Word vs. Google Docs

My only fear is that I will forget what I've learned here and that what we've learned will be obsolete before I can apply what I've learned.

Nat -- 7th Grade (Coney Island Prep)


What technology do you have access to?

Classroom: Elmo and projector, laptop.

School: class set of laptops, class set of ipads., accelerated reader (app)

No technology coordinator.

network: shared drive for student work

What is your comfort level (1-5)?

Navigating digital media: 4

Creating digital media: 4

Teaching kids to use digital media: 3

Talking about the role of digital media: 3

One hope for the course: To become comfortable with easily accessible new media tools that I can easily transfer to my classroom.

Intuit how different tech presents information differently.

Teach PD on tech that my whole school can use.

One fear for this course: I'm afraid I'm going to come up with a bunch of amazing, wacky ideas that I'm unable to follow through with in my classroom.

I don't want to just do it to do it.

Limited outside access for students.

Eats up too much class time.

PS 503 Teachers: Grades 1 & 5

1- Access: classroom: Smartboard, document camera,desktop, camera. School:checking out tools.Technology coordinator available for trouble-shooting and repairs and a technology teacher for class