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1. determines how light or dark an image will appear

1.1. Aperture, ISO, & Shutter Speed

2. different combinations of width, time and quantity

3. Exposure Triangle

3.1. Aperture

3.1.1. controls the area over which light can enter your camera

3.1.2. depth of field

3.2. Shutter Speed

3.2.1. controls the duration of the exposure

3.2.2. motion blur

3.3. ISO Speed

3.3.1. controls the sensitivity of your camera's sensor to a given amount of light

3.3.2. image noise

4. Shutter Speed

4.1. how long this light is permitted to enter the camera

4.2. faster shutter speed- shorter exposure time

4.3. Freeze or exaggerate the appearance of motion

4.4. Slower: water Faster: light

5. Aperture

5.1. controls the area over which light can pass through the camera lens

5.2. f-stop value

5.2.1. area of the opening increases as the f-stop decreases

5.3. light-gathering ability is also affected by transmission efficiency

5.4. determines a photo's depth of field

5.4.1. Wide Aperture f/2.0 low f-stop number shallow depth of field

5.4.2. Narrow Aperture f/16high f-stop number large depth of field

6. ISO

6.1. how sensitive the camera is to incoming light

6.2. lower ISO speed is almost always desirable

6.3. higher ISO greater noise

6.4. Auto: Camera automatically selects all exposure settings.

6.5. Auto, Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Manual, Bulb