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ex-navy session 1 by Mind Map: ex-navy session 1
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ex-navy session 1

10 minutes

Hypothesis generation (brainstorming)

disruption of airway due to smoking causing these symptoms

cyanosis indicate CO2 retention

defect in gas exchange in alveoli in chronic bronchitis

Vague pain

coronary artery disease

heart failure

conginetal, can cause cyanosis

growing tumor or cancer, because it is not related to breathing or exertion

cough to clear the mucus


with smoking irritating the respiratory tract

bronchitis can occur

smokers cough, in the morning, moist

presence of parenchymal disease causing the cyanosis and the obstruction

chronic bronchitis

can cause weight loss, reduced muscle mass

body weakness

occupational related diseases

navys used to use asbestos in insulating the pipes

mesothelioma can cause vague chest pain


fibrosis or emphysema because of increased inflammation at the parynchema of the lung

most patients of chronic smoker have increase hemoglobin levels, secondary polycythemia

20 minutes

excessive mucus secretions can cause increase risk of infections

greyish-white sputum indication of infection

Step 1

Identify terms and cues

New terms

puffing, pushing air out forcefully

flight, a lot of stairs

vague, not clear or in one place (diffuse)


exertion, physical activity


56 yo male

ex-navy seaman



increasing breathlessness and cyanosis while exertion, for four years

persistant cough for the past with small amounts of grey white sputum, two years, in the morning

vague chest pain not connected to breathing

10 minutes

Step 4

Hypothesis organization (tentative solution)

COPD, developed by chronic smoking, leading to cardiac problems as complication, chronic bronchitis?

lung cancer, mesothelioma, causing the vague chest pain, most of the times co-existance of bronchitis and emphysema, asbestos exposure can explain it, or other types of lung cancer, did he lose weight?

pulmonary fibrosis, can be caused by asbestosis

cardiopulmonary diseases, cor pulmonale

occupational lung disease

Step 5

Formulate learning objectives

pathophysiology for the process of cyanosis, why COPD can cause cyanosis, smoking and cyanosis

occupational respiratory diseases, what is common in navy, asbestosis and mesothelioma, neoplasms, fibrotic lung diseases

what causes vague chest pain, not related to breathing or exertion, could it be caused by lung cancer?

Step 2

Problem formulation (put it in a senates)

56 yo ex-navy seaman smoker, with a history of breathlessness, cyanosis, productive cough (greyish-white sputum), and vague chest pain.

10 minutes

Step 3


obstruction in the airway, mucus secretion, muscle hypertrophy, can be casued by COPD

either the patient can't breathe or won't breathe, less saturation in the medulla make the won't breathe, obstruction leads to can't breathe

bluish discoloration of the skin because of decreased oxygen levels in the blood (hypoxemia)

cor pulmonale, seen in advanced COPD

40 minutes