Your Essay Topic


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Your Essay Topic by Mind Map: Your Essay Topic

1. Introduction

1.1. This is where you want to bring in your audience and give details about what your topic is and what you will be writing about.

2. 1st level topic

2.1. Details on paragraph

2.1.1. Fact one

2.1.2. Fact two

2.1.3. Fact three

3. 2nd level topic

3.1. Details on Paragraph

3.1.1. Fact one

3.1.2. Fact two

3.1.3. Fact three

4. 3rd level topic

4.1. Details on Paragraph

4.1.1. Fact one

4.1.2. Fact two

4.1.3. Fact three

5. 4th level topic

5.1. Details on Paragraph

5.1.1. Fact one

5.1.2. Fact two

5.1.3. Fact three

6. Conclusion

6.1. This is where you will conclude your essay. You will summarize everything your discussed.