Future Careers

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Future Careers by Mind Map: Future Careers

1. Anuraj Gill

1.1. Administrative Assistant

1.1.1. Pros: Meet new people Great working hours Pay is fairly well All work is done in the office Work for all business type such as for a hospital, law firm, and government agencies

1.1.2. CONS: Have to constructive feedback Have to be very serious and not get distracted easily Establish deadlines Crazy work days Have mange time wisely

1.2. Nursing

1.2.1. PROS: Pay is fairly well Great job security Different types of nursing jobs to chose from Ability to advance through levels of nursing Help people

1.2.2. CONS: Odd working hours Exposed to dangerous illnesses Have to work on holidays Sometime have to deal with grouchy or violent patients Can be very stressful at times

1.3. Office Manager

1.3.1. CONS: Long working hours Work can be stressful Budget money so you don't spend a lot Have to work overtime often You have to fire employees and that is really hard

1.3.2. PROS: Get to boss people around Get interact with new people Take part in creation of new business strategies Work indoors Get paid well

2. Jennie Gomez

2.1. Administrative Assistant

2.1.1. Pros Changing environment 5 day week working hours Meet new people and interact with others Independent work Learn about different aspects in business

2.1.2. Cons Mostly working at desk in office all day Lots of multitasking Can be repetitive work Long hours working Time spent in front of computer, can cause wrist, eye and back strain

2.2. Teacher

2.2.1. Pros Influence younger generation Salary based & work benefits Engage and interact with students and staff Variety of work done each day (non repetitive) Summer Vacation

2.2.2. Cons Caring for young children (babysitting) Long tedious marking Taking work home Dealing with misbehaved students Changing curriculum & adapting High expectations from parents and other students

2.3. Counselor/Social Worker

2.3.1. Pros Salary & benefits such as pension/dental plans Interaction with people everyday New and different things occur- constantly changing Ability to be flexible Summer Vacation

2.3.2. Cons Long hours with paperwork Dealing with clients/students who are in tough situations (dark side of life) Work can be stressful Depending on agency/environment where employed, work schedule can be unpredictable Work in offices