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Sepsis by Mind Map: Sepsis
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Ultimate goal

Supportive Treatments until crisis or homeostasis can be reacheived

Infectious agent exposure

uInfectious agent exposure uInitial Response of Immune system of the host uInnate immune response uFever elevation uCytokine release uInterleukin 1 uNeutrophils uMacrophages uIncreased Sedimentation rate

Initial Response

Systems Affected


Three major plasma enzymes activated causing hypercoaguable and hyper inflammatory states they are : Complement Coagulation Kallikein/ kinin This hypercoaguable state can lead to Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC)


Acute Respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) Tachypnea Pulmonary edema Increased workload for respiration due to use of accessory muscles and hypoxemia

Diagnosis and Treatment

Fluid Resuscitation

Respiratory Support


Groups affected


Women due to the actual physical length of the urethra approx. 2 inches or less in women are more like likely to be affected by UTI. Urosepsis is one of the leading causes of illness in the intensive care


Young children and the aged due to an inability to manage proper hygiene and organ immaturity or compromise from dysfunction are more susceptible to UTI and other infections. Sepsis is also more common in persons with a lower resistance to infection and in the elderly due to multisystem failure that also affects the majority of older persons.

Adaptive Response to infection

uAntibody release –Humoral Response uHistamine, kinins uClonal response uB-Cells

Recognition of Antigen

Antibody Release

Clonal Response