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Social Network by Mind Map: Social Network

1. Friends

2. Dashboard

2.1. Upcoming Birthday

2.2. Friends Activity

2.3. Find Friends

2.4. Requests

2.5. Click to change Mood

2.6. Logout

3. Messages

4. Profile

5. Events

6. Network

7. Groups

8. Applications

8.1. Photos

8.2. Groups

8.3. Events

8.4. Video

8.5. Audio


8.7. Stickies

8.8. Classfields

8.9. Forum

8.10. Blogs

9. Quick Search

9.1. Browse People

9.2. Advance Search

9.3. Browse Groups

9.4. Browse Events

9.5. Browse Networks

9.6. Browse Friends

9.7. Browse Blogs

9.8. Browse Videos

9.9. Browse Audios

9.10. Browse Forums Topic

9.11. Browse Photos

9.12. Browse Classifields

10. Quick Links

10.1. Add Quick link

11. My Account

11.1. Notifications Settings

11.1.1. Send me message

11.1.2. adds me as a friend

11.1.3. Invite me to join Group

11.1.4. Invite me to an event

11.1.5. Confirm my friend request

11.1.6. Confirm my event request

11.1.7. Reject my event request

11.1.8. Remove me from friend list

11.1.9. Approve my Network by Admin

11.1.10. Dis-Approve my Network by Admin

11.1.11. Share Content

11.1.12. Block my Account by Site Admin

11.1.13. Unblock my Account by Site Admin

11.1.14. delete my account by site admin

11.1.15. Groups Admin Mail

11.1.16. Groups Members Mail

11.1.17. Events Admin Mail

11.1.18. Network name Change by Site admin

11.1.19. Network Email change by site Admin

11.1.20. Deletion of Network by Site Admin

11.1.21. Deletion of Group by site admin

11.1.22. Deletion of event by Site Admin

11.1.23. Common Site Admin Mail

11.1.24. Anyone write on my wall

11.1.25. Photos Tagging

11.1.26. Updations on Subscribed Photo Albums

11.1.27. Updations on Subscribed User Videos

11.1.28. Updations on Subscribed User Audios

11.2. General Settings

11.2.1. Real Name

11.2.2. Password

11.2.3. Nickname

11.2.4. Birthday

11.2.5. E-Mail

11.2.6. Select Language

11.2.7. Delete Account

11.3. Privacy Settings

11.4. Profile Preview

12. Admin Panel

12.1. Site Information

12.2. Settings

12.2.1. Site Settings Profile Settings Player Settings Email Settings Other Settings Cropper Settings Maintenance Settings Watermark Signup Settings Upload Settings Logo Settings Left Menu Settings

12.3. Manage

12.3.1. Manage Languages Manage Members Email Templates File Templates Manage Reports Manage Banners Manage Footers Manage Zipcode Manage Currency Manage News Manage Newsletter

12.4. Category Management

12.4.1. Group Category Event Category Video Category Audio Category Blog Category Forum Category Classifieds List Category Classifieds Want Category

12.5. Content Management

12.5.1. Manage User Photos Manage Photo Albums Manage Groups Manage Events Manage Classifieds Manage User Videos Manage Video Album Manage Bookmarks Manage Stickies Manage User Audios Manage Discussion Posts Manage Audio Albums Manage Blog Posts Manage Forum Manage Networks Manage Walls Manage Discussion Topics

12.6. Language Control

12.6.1. Admin Left Menu Message and Friend Request User Quicklinks NewsBites Template Month Name Friends Activities Template Notification Search Settings News Bites and Friend Activities Day Settings Relationship Status Birthday Visibility Report Type Political Views Religious Views Looking For User Left Menus

12.7. Change Password

12.8. Block User

12.9. Users

12.10. Backup

13. Wall