Dissertation Questions

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Dissertation Questions by Mind Map: Dissertation Questions

1. Title

1.1. An open analysis of the effects of D2O both macro- and microscopically

2. Data Analysis

2.1. Exactly where do I begin and what should I do?

2.1.1. SJK: The first start is to have all the data organized and annotated so you (and everyone) knows what you want to use.

3. DNA experiments

3.1. I figure I'll cover all the biological stuff

3.2. Point to Pranav for calibration and tweezer build

3.3. SDM?

3.3.1. is there enough time? SJK: Not sure, but we can use stuff from the prior paper that wasn't published, I think

3.4. overstretching data

3.4.1. SJK: This will be really good. will it be a lot of time to use the matching algorithm to compare the D2O overstretch with the H2O overstretch? SJK Refresh me on the idea here? Generally: comparing D2O to H2O overstretch with better data analysis will happen and doesn't sound too hard (either LabVIEW, python, or R) alternatives?

3.5. is there any unzip data?

4. Money

4.1. $13k in DTRA account

4.1.1. are there limitations on funds? YES :( Susie needs most of this money What are the limitations? How much can we use? I don't think much at all (there's been a bunch of accounting discussions going on). I'd use the IMSD ASAP

4.1.2. I want some software and possibly equipment

4.2. ~$1k in IheartAnthony Research Fund

4.2.1. can use this on anything

4.3. ~$2k in IMSD funds

4.3.1. can only spend this on disposables: water, supplies

5. Where should I present?

5.1. Physics Building?

5.1.1. Room 4 - is this the room immediately to the left of the entrance? No, that's 190. Room 4 is one of those two shitty rooms to the south of the late great Daniel Sandoval's office. I'd go for 190 or 1131.

5.2. SJK: Given the scattering of people, it probably doesn't matter. Maybe out of courtesy as Mary Ann where she'd prefer (probably Physics).