Business (Trip) Keeper

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Business (Trip) Keeper by Mind Map: Business (Trip) Keeper

1. Packing

1.1. Make and edit lists

1.2. Copy lists from other trips

1.3. Add a reminder to buzz you to check if you packed something at a time you set

2. Documents

2.1. Receipts

2.1.1. Take pictures of Write additional notes on

2.1.2. Paper trail

2.1.3. Categorize

2.2. Business Photos

2.2.1. Personal Photos (Way user can lock?)

2.2.2. Insurance claims specialists can take and save photos and notes with photos

2.2.3. Add time stamps Possibly give slideshow ability by chrono order

2.3. Status Reports

2.3.1. Day to day dealings (for personal perusal later)

2.3.2. Daily Reports to boss/supervisor

2.3.3. Daily Journal

2.4. Travel Documents

2.4.1. Flight schedules Scan for times?Dates? (Is this possible?)

2.4.2. Rental Car Info

2.4.3. Hotel Information

2.4.4. Misc Travel ID for work Name of Taxi Company You're supposed to use

3. Boss/Accountant needs info

3.1. Smartfile allows for multiple users and admins

3.2. Can file expense reports before you get home

3.3. Can flag a folder as needing review and add notes as to how it needs review

4. Meeting Minutes

4.1. Audio

4.2. Video

5. Business Card Keeper

5.1. Personal collection

5.2. Shared collection

5.3. Easy to share by text or email

6. Research

6.1. Per Trip

6.1.1. Useful phrases

6.1.2. food places you liked

6.1.3. who the head of the company you're going to be speaking to is

6.2. Categorize with Tags