SPTO Toolkit

a mindmap of things to do for the Toolkit

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SPTO Toolkit by Mind Map: SPTO Toolkit

1. What needs to be done?

1.1. Collect Case Studies

1.1.1. How to source?

1.1.2. Video Options

1.1.3. Podcasts / Audio

1.1.4. Interviews / Transcripts

1.1.5. Self-submitted (via Wiki)

1.1.6. Collaboratively acquired from existing networks as part of curriculum / universities and trainers

1.2. Review Existing Content

1.2.1. Update references and external resources

1.2.2. Create PDF versions

1.3. Mediawiki Implementation

1.3.1. Install

1.3.2. Modify skin / theme permissions simplify views (recent changes, etc) explore wysiwyg

1.3.3. Re-architect based on Google Analytics

1.3.4. Research and install extensions Liquid Threads (discussion) embedded media: YouTube, MP3s

1.3.5. Hosting

1.3.6. Add Case Studies

1.4. Brainstorm more tools

1.4.1. What is a tool?

1.4.2. Can we make new tools?

1.4.3. Import existing tools?

1.5. Explore Contacts / Relationships

1.5.1. Wiki Pasifika

1.5.2. University of South Pacific

1.5.3. Virtual University of the Small States of the Commonwealth

1.5.4. NZ Institutions: Otago Poly, Unitec, AUT

1.5.5. Distance Learning Centres Project: Solomon Islands

1.5.6. National University of Samoa

1.6. Investigate Licensing Issues

1.7. Training