Solution to increasing demand of water


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Solution to increasing demand of water by Mind Map: Solution to increasing demand of water

1. Water conservation

1.1. Recycling household water

1.1.1. Recycle laundry water for Flushing toilets Watering plants

1.1.2. Amount of water used by household can be reduced by 30%

1.2. Collecting rainwater

1.3. Reparing underground piping systems

1.3.1. Leaking pipes and faulty connections can lose up to 50% of water supply from piping systems

1.4. Use water-efficient methods and technology

1.5. Educating the public

1.5.1. Water conservation requires everyone's effort

2. Increase in price of water

2.1. Water conservation tax

2.2. Measures meant to encourage households to conserve water

3. Increase in water supply

3.1. Extend water catchment areas

3.2. Recycle water

3.3. Desalination of seawater