Laughter Out of Place

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Laughter Out of Place by Mind Map: Laughter Out of Place

1. Children

1.1. They see their parents and want more.

1.2. 20,000 are street children.

1.3. Expected to do dirty work because their punishment will be less.

2. Chapter 4

3. Chapter 5

4. Class

4.1. The clear cut classes were obvious

4.2. Children of laborers saw the rich people and wanted more.

4.3. Children notice the differences really early on.

5. Funabem

5.1. An orphanage of sorts with terrible living conditions.

5.2. It was safer on the street.

6. Class

6.1. Gangs are a way to feel part of a new class.

6.2. The money makes these members feel like they belong.

7. Violence

7.1. It is different for each gender, race and class.

7.2. Violence comes with gangs.

7.3. It is part of the lifestyle.

8. Gangs

8.1. Drugs come with the gangs and violence.

8.2. Give a sense of belonging.

8.3. Provide money.

8.4. Are looked at as a potential escape from the terrible lifestyle that they grew up in.