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BLOGS by Mind Map: BLOGS

1. Is a web side created by a person who writes commentaries, descriptions of some events, interactive media, images, etc. A typical blog combines text, images, graphics or links about the topic.

1.1. Types of blogs

1.1.1. Textual Blogs

1.1.2. Art Blogs (artlogs)

1.1.3. Photographs Blogs (photoblogs)

1.1.4. Video Blogs (vlogs)

1.1.5. Music Blogs (MP3 blogs)

1.1.6. Audio Blogs (podcasting)

2. Our favorites Blogs

2.1. Tumblr

2.2. We Heart It

3. Pros

3.1. You can participate in the web side.

3.2. You can put information that is useful for other people.

3.3. You can make friends.

3.4. You can write anything you want, like ideas, dreams, commentaries, etc

3.5. You can take information from other people.

4. Cons

4.1. Making a blog can take you so much time.

4.2. You can receive comments from other people that maybe you can't dislike and take it personal.

4.3. You can receive a demand