Innaitist Perspective: It's all in your mind!

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Innaitist Perspective: It's all in your mind! by Mind Map: Innaitist Perspective: It's all in your mind!

1. 2nd Language Relationship

1.1. UG ( Universal Grammar)

1.1.1. Permits all children to acquire language of environment during critical period

1.2. Vroman And Schachter

1.2.1. Argue UG is not a good framework for L2 passed the critical period

1.3. Others argue UG is present to L2, but altered by the acquisition of other languages

1.4. Krashen's 'Monitor Model'

1.4.1. 5 Hypothesis 1. Acquisition-Learning - Learn through attention to form and rule 2. Monitor- Focus on correct responses and the rules 3. Natural Order- Predictable order 4. Input- Language should be one step above level 5. Affective Filter - Barrier due to feelings , motives, needs, attitudes, emotional state

2. Implications

2.1. Strong basis needed on grammar lessons

2.2. Based on Krashen

2.2.1. Focus on how to correctly respond

2.2.2. Using native english speakers to help content based learning

3. Principles

3.1. Children learn the ability to discover language themselves by the natural language they are exposed to

3.2. Born with ability to understand

3.3. UG ( Universal Grammar)

3.3.1. Pre-equipped

3.3.2. Learn ways to which language makes use of the principles

3.4. Complex grammar could not be learnt by imitating and practice

3.5. Children have some innate knowledge that allows complex syntax

3.6. Innate mechanism is used exclusively for language acquisition

3.7. May depend on a specific module in the brain

3.8. Language is separate from cognitive development

3.9. CPH ( Critical Period Hypthesis)

3.9.1. Genetically programed

3.9.2. Acquire certain knowledge/ skills @ specific times

3.9.3. Beyond periods of time, either difficult or impossible to acquire language If not given access when young, will never acquire language if deprivation exists

4. Problems and Deficiences

4.1. Hard to prove CPH, some argumental cases

4.2. Doesn't suggest answer fro children who develop outside of the critical period

4.2.1. What is the exact critical period?

4.3. There is a learning capacity

4.4. Limited research on steps taken to get the end result

4.4.1. All focused on the end result

5. Propenents

5.1. Noam Chomsky

5.1.1. 1959

5.1.2. Biologically programmed for language

5.1.3. Develops same way as the other biological functions

5.2. Environment is only the basic contribution

5.3. Child's biological endowment contributes to the language acquisition