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Controlled Assessment by Mind Map: Controlled Assessment
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Controlled Assessment

L1 - intro to the controlled assessment

go through pdf

open app inventor

L2 - app inventor

carry on with practice tutorials

L3 - testing

new blog


L4/5 - Task 1

Do the PaintPot tutorial on the App Inventor site at to create your own app. You may use kitty.png or produce your own drawing if you prefer. Test your PaintPot app using the emulator. Produce evidence to show how you tested it.


L6 - Task 1


L7 - Task 2a

App Inventor is an event-driven programming environment. (a) Describe what this means, with reference to Fig. 3.

understanding event driven programming

L8 - Task 2b

Make a list of events that can be detected by a typical Android phone.

research - what are the events that can be detected?

L9 - Task 3 - Extending App

Extend your PaintPot app so that the user can change the thickness of the drawing line. Produce evidence to show that you have tested this extension.

Line thickness changed


L10 - Task 4

When you set up the components of an app in the browser, they are given default names. Explain why it is a good idea to change these default names.

Default names - issues?

L11 - Task 5 - extending App

Extend your PaintPot app so that clicking on a button changes the background picture. You will need to provide a different graphic. Produce evidence to show that you have tested this extension.

change background

evidence of testing

L12 - L15 - task 6 - new app

  Produce a new app that stores a set of three images of computer hardware components. When a button is pressed, a new image is displayed. The user must identify the image by entering its name in a text box. The app then indicates if the answer is correct or not.  

L16 - Task 7 - conclusion

Write a conclusion about the effectiveness of writing programs in a block programming environment compared with a high level programming language such as Java, Python or C++.

comparing block programming to Python - effectiveness?

L17 - Produce report - print out