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List-Building Mind-Map by Mind Map: List-Building Mind-Map
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List-Building Mind-Map

Step 4 - Set Up Series of Emails

These keep your list from going "cold"

Follow 60/40 rule

Add new emails every day or week, shoot for 40 or so

Spread the distribution to every few days, don't send emails every single day

Step 5 - Send Traffic to Squeeze Page

Write commission-grabbing swipe email

Find traffic sources

Step 6 - Take Business to $100-a-day and beyond

Consistency is key

Set goals to hit each month

Remember - a large list (10,000 and above) SHOULD be a full time income if monetized properly

When you're ready, make your own product to sell

Learn from others, get on other marketers' lists

Get yourself a coach/mentor to build business fast

Step 1 - Choose Your Niche

Stick to the "Big 4" Markets

Find Product to Promote on

Find a best-selling product (look at product gravit)

Make sure product has good sales page (video is a big plus)

Step 2 - Setup your Autoresponder

use aweber

Create a list & fill in details

Turn confirmed opt-in OFF

create a web form

Step 3 - Make Your Squeeze Page

set up domain and webhosting first

Use a template - don't make from scratch

When designing the squeeze page

connect the web form to your aweber account

Upload files to your server via filezilla