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Diversity by Mind Map: Diversity

1. Definition:the condition of being different

2. what is diversity?

2.1. different isnt wrong

2.2. Feeling comfortable with yourself

2.3. because we are all from different places, we have came up with some great ideas.

3. an instance or a point of difference

3.1. We all blend togeather while at the sme time being different.

3.2. There is a quality about being different.

3.2.1. Time has changed us

3.2.2. a movement in computers and the internet shows us and how we are different.

3.2.3. Mixing it up

3.2.4. distinctiveness

3.2.5. variety of things for which there just doesn't seem to be any other place

3.3. Drag & Drop and double-click canvas

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