Difficult Circumstances - session 1

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Difficult Circumstances - session 1 by Mind Map: Difficult Circumstances - session 1

1. Step 3

1.1. Hypothesis generation (brainstorming)

1.2. beeing in a crowded place, lead to more suseptability to getting infections.

1.2.1. she is young , immune system is weak

1.3. fever

1.3.1. acute upper tract infection in acute settings

1.3.2. infection bacterial acute upper dysphagea because of upper rispiratory infection lower lower respiratory infection (bacterial colorization ) recurrent of the same setting ( previous infection) viral onlu last for 5-7 days less sever

1.3.3. caused by the relese of the PGE2

1.4. ear discharge

1.4.1. ear wax or fluid getting out of the ear

1.4.2. middle ear infection

1.5. cough

1.5.1. immune response to allergin getting through the lung body trying to get rid of the forgen body

1.5.2. carina reflux

1.5.3. where is the initiation of the cough

1.6. runny nose

1.6.1. inflamation spreding

1.7. tachypnea

1.7.1. indiicate lower rispiratory infection

1.7.2. hypxemia or hypercapnia

1.8. the mother lef the daughter

1.8.1. chronic illness

1.8.2. low economic status

1.8.3. she got the infection and couldnt come

1.8.4. some trip believes

1.9. theories

1.9.1. URTI got spread bacteria started as upper ( from the nose)

1.9.2. LRTI got sprea got the bacterial infection , which got spread to the left ear ear is assotiated in infections in children got the infection from a crowdeed house excacerbated this time

1.9.3. resistant bacteria

1.9.4. started from the ear and spreaded

1.10. 40 minutes

2. Step 5

2.1. Formulate learning objectives

2.2. pneumonia

2.2.1. in children

2.2.2. roral area

2.2.3. causes

2.2.4. symptoms

2.3. otitis media

2.3.1. in relation to pneumonia

2.3.2. ear discharge ???

2.3.3. 2 different infections

2.4. spreeding of infection from URTI to lower ( VISE VERSA )

2.5. tachypnea

2.5.1. related to upper or lower respiratory tracht infection

2.6. 10 minutes

3. Step 2

3.1. Problem formulation (put it in a senates)

3.2. an aboriginal girl( child) presented to the ED complaining of fever and cough ( for the last 24 hour), runny nose , tachypnea, discharge in left ear.

3.3. 10 minutes

4. Step 1

4.1. Identify terms and cues

4.2. New terms

4.2.1. aboriginal origenal people of the country

4.2.2. galvanised putting layer of zinc on top of iron

4.3. cues

4.3.1. paragraph 1 aboriginal community she live with her parents and 3 childreen femal staying on a camp outskirts of the town galvanised iron shelter

4.3.2. 2 cough for 24 hours fever runny nose and ear discharge emergincy department breathing fast drinking and eating small amounts

4.3.3. 3 admitted twice for the same problim visited the childrens ward. amd her mother left her for several days.

4.4. 10 minutes

5. Step 4

5.1. Hypothesis organization (tentative solution)

5.2. infectious

5.2.1. tonsilitis common to occure similer symptoms

5.2.2. influanza does not explain fast breathing hit suddenly

5.2.3. community aquired pnemonia bacteria get to the nose causeing infection , and the go to lung , alveli infect them causing

5.2.4. otitis media common in childrin middle ear ability to spreed explain dificulty to breath the tympanic membrain get infected

5.2.5. chronic rispiratory dieses got exacerbated

5.3. non-infextious

5.3.1. toxins

5.3.2. enviromental factors

5.4. 20 minutes