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Geography: Resources Review by Mind Map: Geography: Resources Review
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Geography: Resources Review

003- Lost Civilisation

Rapa Nui Assignment

To understand how the over utilisation of resources can lead to the destruction of a population.

Easter island

Rapa Nui:

009 - Energy

Keywords: Renewable Non-renewable Fossil Fuel Impact Civil Societies

World Energy Consumption Graph

Ways that we use oil and why it is more expensive to buy.

Stages of oil extraction, transportation and refinement.

GreenPeace is an example of a civil society.

the method of getting pretroleum

replace oil with other resources

To have have an understanding of the impact that the growing demand on energy has on our planet.

use corn to create oil, so the food price increases too

oil is non-renewable, but we use them everyday, so everyday they are getting lesser. it is also a scarcy resource so it becomes expensive with time flows

008 - Food Insecurity

Key Words: Food Insecurity Famine Food Aid

Food Security Risk Index 2011 (Image)

UN Probing theft of Food Aid (Video)

To have knowledge of food insecurity and to understand that aid can be controversial.

Food Aid - Global Issues (Article)

Signs of US debt crisis in food insecurity rates (Video)

Food & Agriculture Organisation - Low-Income Food-Deficit Countries (Useful Resource)


negative and positive impacts of food aid

types of aids that the country receives

004 - Water Everywhere?

Key Terminology Replenishable Water Preservation Safe Drinking Water Hydrological Cycle

Water National Geographic

Water Everywhere? Exercises

BBC Water documentary

To have an understanding of how different civilisations have manipulated water.

006- Food Revolution

Key Words: Irrigation Genetically Modified Food Green Revolution

Food Revolution Exercises

hybrid rice

To have knowledge of how humans have increased the production of food.

002 - Malthus vs Boserup

key worlds: arithmetic geometric graphs environmental impact resources economic theories population growth

To have knowledge of two opposing theories concerning population growth and resource availability.

007 - Malnutrition

Key Words: Malnutrition Calorie Intake Indicator

Heart Attack Grill video

Malnutrition Excercises

To understand the concept of malnutrition and to develop a case study example.

005 - Mega Dams

Key Words: Social Economic Environmental Political

Mega Dams Excercises

Story of Hoover Dam

To have an understanding of how the construction and use of dams can impact the different environments.

001 - Demand

Key words

Resource Renewable Non-renewable Replenishable Recycling

Hans rosling: population growth










living standards


roles of woman



To have knowledge of the impact population change is having on the demand for resources.