Boxes for Katje

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Boxes for Katje by Mind Map: Boxes for Katje

1. Key words or phrases

1.1. War

1.1.1. Mk

1.2. Little left

1.3. Mysterious box from America

1.4. You must be the lucky one

1.5. Looks inside

1.5.1. Soap, wool socks, chocolate, and a letter

1.6. Writes a letter back

1.7. Summer approaches

1.8. Another box from America

1.8.1. A bigger box

1.9. Bags of sugar

1.10. A letter in return

1.11. Autumn approached

1.11.1. worried about Winter

1.12. Another box from america

1.12.1. An even bigger box

1.13. So much excitement

1.13.1. There was cans of meat, powdered milk, bags of sugar, and a letter from Rosie.

1.14. The food was divided among the people

1.15. Letters were sent back to Rosie

1.16. One morning boxes among boxes of things were coming to Katje's house

1.17. Inside the boxes were coats, mittens, socks and shoes, scarves, hats, and sweaters. Soap, chocolate, and food

1.17.1. The letter stated that her school organized a food drive and the church organized a clothes drive

1.18. All winter long boxes continued to come, Katje and Rosie also continued to sent letters.

2. Important symbols

2.1. boxes-brung happiness to all the people

3. important statements

3.1. They huddled close to their small fires, ate sparingly from their almost empty cuboards shivered, and prayed.

3.2. One dark morning, when Katje felt as frozen as the tulip bulbs buried beneath the snow, there came a pounding on the door. "What a delivery I have for you!" wooped the postman. He pulled a sled, stacked high with boxes, straight into the house.

4. Personal Thoughts

4.1. It was very thoughtful for Rosie to give all those gifts to the people who didnt have much.