Boxes for Katji

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Boxes for Katji by Mind Map: Boxes for Katji

1. Darea West 6a/4b

2. P

2.1. "Everyone, everywhere, wants to send a box to you. The school organized a canned food drive, the church organized a clothes drive. Even businesses added items to the boxes." Everyone is Rosie's community

2.2. I thought the book was a nice kind of book. An American girl sent a Dutch girl something's that were not in Dutch. The Dutch girl wrote back her thank you and the American girl continued to send things.

3. T

3.1. Theme: change or growth in life

3.2. 1. Katji goes through a change in this book. Her pen pal sends her things that she has not had in a long time. She went from eating cabbages and potatoes everyday to eating meat and other sweets. .

3.3. 2. I think Katji is the stronger one in the book because she could have had all of the rich goods she hadn't had in a while to herself. Especially when it was a little

3.4. bit of it but she decided to share it with the people around her.

3.5. She probably wanted it all for herself and to savor it but she was strong enough to not be selfish

3.6. 3. Katji's mom and the mail man are weaker on the inside. I think Katji's mom doesn't show that she is weak because she is being strong for her daughter. The mail man has to carry around packages with good items inside probably wishing one was for him. He has probably seen packages with normal things that used to be in Dutch but now it is so scarce that not seeing them can hurt him.

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4. Use

4.1. Boxes for Katje

4.2. Pen pal,Shipping mail, less fortunate, writes back, more shipping, sharing, Dutch, American

4.3. Boxes: Shipped boxes from Rosie with things for the people in Dutch. Letter: The letters that the pen pals send to each other. Postman: The postman announcing that a package has come.

4.4. "There were barely room for boxes and people as Katji pushed back flaps." There is significance because Rosie sent so many boxes for Katji and her neighbors, that there was barely any room. Rosie sent plenty and it was very kind.

5. C

5.1. Character

5.2. I'm surprised that Rosie actually had organizations to send things to the town in Dutch. Everyone in Rosie's neighborhood helped out to send them things.

5.3. I think all of the characters show honesty. Everyone is greatful for what they are given and Katji is truly honest when she writes to Rosie.

5.4. Rosie decided to tell people about the Dutch girl. I think it was a good decision because now Katji and her town all have clothes for

5.5. the winter and more food to eat than just cabbages and potatoes.

5.6. Katji is the protagonist of the story. Everything is involving her. She is the cause of all the good things that have happened. At first she was just getting a nice care package from an American girl but then when she writes back between the pen pl, she receives more and more and she shares it with the town