Bullying in the workplace

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Bullying in the workplace by Mind Map: Bullying in the workplace

1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKovk9vhKTs

1.1. Tips to Cope with Workplace Bullying

2. Examples of bullying in the workplace

2.1. Spreading rumors and insulting or ridiculing are examples of threats to personal standings.

2.2. Stealing or taking credit for another's work or flaunting status are examples of threats to professional standings.

2.3. Threatening job loss and ignoring a coworker with the intent to harm or control are examples of control or manipulation tactics.

3. Five ways to handle a workplace bully

3.1. Evaluate the situation

3.2. Stand up for yourself

3.2.1. Less is really more! Saying things like "interesting" or "I don't have an attitude problem, I think you have a perception problem" can help you cope with bullying and can provide you with temporary relief.

3.3. Document your situation

3.3.1. By documenting what has taken place, it makes it easier for superiors to get a first hand account of what actually took place.

3.4. Get superiors involved

3.5. Move on

4. Ways to spot a bully in the workplace

4.1. He or she doesn't believe in following the rules that are set in place

4.2. A bully craves negative attention

4.2.1. By giving the bully a short hand response, it cuts back on the ammunition that can be used against you in their counter attack

4.3. Bullies seek to put people down by manipulating and degrading them in front of peers