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Apache CloudStack (IaaS) by Mind Map: Apache CloudStack (IaaS)
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Apache CloudStack (IaaS)

Software Architecture Diagram

Management Server Interaction

Primary & Second Storage

Management Server vs. Hypervisors


Interface Methods


Built on top of CloudStack API, Rich Management User Interface - AJAX implementation, Command line tools

Multi-tenancy & Account Management

Domains & Delegate Domain Administration

Service Offering Management

Compute Offering

Disk Offering

Network Offering

Resource Overprovision

Notification & Alarm

Capacity Threadholding


Real Time



Based on data generated by Usage Engine

End-User Experience

Self-Service Portal

AJAX VNC client to access virtual machine

Create pre-defined template for easy cloud deployment

ISO and template managment

Snapshot management

Project grouping all resources together for easy maintenance

HIgh Avalibility

Management Server

Deployed in a multi-node installation with load balancer

Management Server Database (MySQL) may be configured to use replication to provide for a manual failover

VM Hosts

CloudStoack supports NIC bonding

Separate networks for storage as well as iSCSI Multipath

Custom VM Sync technology constantly monitors and maintains the state of all virtual machines within the cloud from notifications of individual VM status to the ability to automatically ensure that the VM remains running.



MPLS support for VLAN

Virtual Router


Load Balancing

Netscaler Support

Network as a Service

Select different network offerings during VM deployment

Migrate VM from one network offering to another

Slide -

Software-based network management

V4.0 - Support for Nicira NVP (L2), Schuberg Philis case - Nicira NVP integration -

Vision Statement (11/2012) -


Primary Storage (Cluster Level)

For VMs

Local Disk


Fiber Channel

Scaling Storage with Ceph, Slides (7/2012) -, Video -

Secondary Storage (Zone Level)

For template, ISOs and snapshots


OpenStack Swift storage integration, Intro on Swift -

Storage Tiering

Block Storage Volumes

Cluster Logical Volumn Manager Support

CloudStack vs. Cloud Storage - Where are we? Where do we need to go?

Slides -

Video -

Personal note - I believe the CloudStack Storage needs major change to catch up competitors, better storage offering while moving Cloudstack to new architecture and deployment model

Features & Components

Feature Table -

Core Components

Developer Resources

Source - git clone

Setup Apache Cloudstack Development Environment -

Development 101 -

Developer's FAQ -

Documents -

Write Cloudstack Plugins -


A Virtualbox appliance packaged to provide a working CloudStack environment

For version prior 4.0 -

Latest version -

QuickCloud -

A much easier way to start up CloudStack in one box

In Rough-But-Ready State of implementation (4/2013)

Swift Developer Document -

Cloudstack Development Roadmap -

Learning through projects

Google Summer of Code 2012 with CloudStack -

Stackmate - CloudFormation for CloudStack -

Basic Introduction

What is Cloudstack?

An open source software platform that pools/deploys/manages/orchestrates computing resources to build public, private, and hybrid Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) clouds.

Development story & future vision (9/1/2012) -

Apache CloudStack Becomes a Top-Level Apache Project (03/26/2013) -

4.1 release quick summary -

Architecture & Deployment

Slide (4/29/2012) -

YouTube Part I -

YouTube - Part II

Slides (12/2012) (more comprehensive) -

wikipedia -

Apache incubator -

Apache CloudStack Wiki -

(11/09/2012 - Apache Process -

YouTube Channel -

Slideshare Channel -

Cloudstack University -

Objective - learn various facets of CloudStack in lecture style

Blog about Cloudstack University

CloudStack Open Source Statistics -

CloudStack Weekly News -

CloudStack Community Analysis -


Supported Hypervisors

XenServer -

Xen Cloud Platform -


VMware via vCenter

Oracle VM

Bare Metal via IPMI -

Multiple Guest VM OSs Support

User Data Support

Create VM from template

User data creates unique cloud identity for VMs

Live Migration of VM without down time


CloudStack API Developer's Guide -

Interact with Cloudstack Management Server

URL of the server

API key & Secret Key for an account


Payload: XML or JSON

Every API request has the format Base URL+API Path+Command String+Signature.

Three types of REST API

Synchronous APIs - hit the DB of the management server

Asynchronous API - cause operation within the cloud system

Asynchronous-Create API - create new entities within the management server DB and then runs operations against these new entities






End User API


S3 - &

EC2 -


Plugins - add more capability to Cloudstack

Can be two jars - server component to be deployed on management server

An optional ServerResource component to be deployed co-located with the resource

Can expose its own API through Pluggable Service for administration configuration purpose

Slides (11/10/2012) -

API walk-thru video -





CloudStack vs. OpenStack vs. Eucalyptus (10/2012) -

Objectives of this mindmap

Quick Access to Apache CloudStack related Information

High Level Introduction

Public link for this mindmap -

Author of this mindmap

Name - George Chou

email -

Twitter - @GeorgeChouNext -



Latest Update: 06/05/2013

Comments highly welcome


Version 1.0, Initial Publish (03/01/2013)

Version 1.1, 03/28/2013, Add more references for developer oriented, Add news about Cloudstock graduated from incubator to become top level project, 04/08/2013, Dev Resource - QuickCloud, CloudStack Open Source Statistics, 04/22/2013, Add weekly news pointer, Learn CloudStack through Google Summber of Code 2013, 05/02/2013, Stackmate - CloudFormation for CloudStack, 5/3/2013, Add current event node, 5/6/2013, CloudStack Community Analysis, 5/13/2013, Add API work-thru video, 5/19/2013, Blog about Cloudstack University, 06/05/2013, Quick 4.1 release summary


Secure Single Sign-on

Multi-role support

Secure Cloud Deployment

LDAP Integration


Conceptual Deployment Architecture

Management Server Deployment Architecture

Cloudstack Cloud Architecture

Current Events

CloudStack Collaboration Conference (6/23~6/25)