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Google Glass by Mind Map: Google Glass
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Google Glass


Sergeyi Brin, the he-man, thrill-seeking co-founder of Google, said that compared to Google Glass, a smartphone was "emasculating". Did he know whereof he spoke? Brin and his sky-diving, risk-taking buddies have been at the forefront of Google's campaign to position Glass as the must-have cool gadget.


Google Glass looks like a pair of glasses. Over the right eye there's a miniature high definition camera and a miniscule screen. The gadget is phone, camera and computer all in one. The screen allows the gadget to superimpose onto reality anything from the web.


Why is Google investing so much in Glass? Some say it is just a boy toy that keeps the somewhat wayward Sergeyi Brin wedded to the job. But more likely is that it is all part of Google's insatiable appetite for data. Google, like no other Internet company, has turned vast amounts of data into better ways of targeting advertisement to users. The more that Google knows about each of us, the more likely it can be the one that leads us to a buying decision. And the hope with Glass is that we'll be generating hours on end of video and audio for the Google algorithms to crunch on.

Why not?


Google is staying mum about much of the interesting bits of the technology. Much speculation has focused on whether the screen images that the Google promotional videos can really be delivered by a heads-up display so small and so close to the eye. The verdicts seems to be that there's been some artistic license.

Glass was started as an X Labs project - the lab that has given Google a lead in driverless cars and neural networks.


An internal Google team has been testing devices for about a year. The first set of Glasses going to external developers are shipping in the coming months. The product is meant to launch in 2014.

When to wear

When not to wear Glass?