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Standing by Mind Map: Standing
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Attempt Take Down

Successful, Top Position, Half Guard, Submission, Darce Grip (See Darce Grip), Half Guard Kimura, Pass (See Side Control), mohamed, In Guard, Closed Guard, Neck Crank, Posture Pass (See Side Control), Open, Pass, Force into Halfguard (see Halfguard), Cartwheel (See Side Control), Keep tight, Guard Passing, Marcelo Garcia, Principles, Step Ahead, Don't let O get hook in, don't let O get hands on you. Go with speed., Scenarios, O laying Me standing, 1. Push Plant 0:00 - 5:50, O makes move for leg, 2. Counter to O making move for the leg - Under Hook Available 3:15 - 5:57, 3. Counter to O making move for the leg - Under Not Hook Available:6:03 - 10:36, Counter to Underhook in Open Guard, 4. In O Open Guard, O has underhooks in 10:37 - 16:02, Mount, Mounted Triangle, Mounted Guillotine, Tried and failed got swept?, Don't do it straight, Mounted Arm Triangle, S Mount, Step by Step, Knife Choke, Wrap Left Foot to Head, Right Foot S position, Grab O Rt Arm with Left Arm, Lean Forward to the right at angle and Post w Right Hand, Lean Back Arm Bar, Arm Triangle, Got Back, Back to Arm Bar, Back to Arm Bar w K Hold, Feint Choke, Use left grab O hand, bring right over neck and take Key hold and, Go for Kimura, To Scissor to Armbar, 1 Standing and 1 Back, Rubber, Butterfly, In Submission, Hooks? Figure out more, Shot Position, Determine which grip works best., Go for Back - See Got Back, Guillotine, Darce (See Darce Grip), Switch Grip, Anaconda, Dump, Gator Roll curl, On back?, Peruvian Necktie, Side Control, Darce Grip, Dump - Flip O over, Dive - to stick hand thru, Switch - See Grip, Kimura, Resistance, Pull Forward instead of backwards to loosen, Step Over tuck in knee and go for Arm Bar, Mount - See Mount, Setup Rear Naked with Marcelo Grip

Types, Single, Hand under Armpit and grab single, Circle and grab Single, Double, Standard, Corrections, Look right, Stand Up, Dont move forward. move Left, Face plow, Squeeze Back and move forward

Unsucessful, Bottom Position, Guards, Half Guard, Sweep, Electric Chair and Go under, Old School, God Father, Submission, Electric Chair, Kimura from bottom half guard, Demian Maia Half Guard Triangle counter to pass 7:31-10:15, Full Guard (See Full Guard), Butterfly, Rubber, Full, Open Guard, Sweeps, Scissor Sweep, O stands, Hip Push, Double Ankle, Switch Back, Guillotine Sweep, Arm Bar Sweep, Kimura, Both Hands Sweep, Palm Style, If O rolls roll with O and hold Kimura, Push Kimura Finish, Mount (See Mount), Demian Maia Palm sweep feint to Triangle 11:39-1454, Submission, Arm Bar, Sweep, Breaks, Wrist, Ladder, Crush, Half, Counter smash scissors, Grab Thigh, kick out and take back battle for hook - see back, See back, roll out escape, Hang in and go for triangle "roberta cyborg", Triangle, Omo Plata, Go Go Plata, Oma Plata, Guillotine, Chains, Linear Armbar to Omoplata Chaining, Serra Disc 1, Basic, Armbar 0:00 - 5:00, Pinned Down, Armbar 2 5:00-8:20, O pull out arm bar, Triangle 8:20 - 12:22, O Plays it close, Triangle 12:22 - 16:04, O resist by hiding arm (by grabbing around my leg) and not letting it go diagonal., Omoplata 16:04 - 21:05, Kimura Guillotine Option or Chain, Kimura 21:05 - 24:12, Kimura Headfake - Guillotine x - 26:29 - 28:01, Grab Ankle, X, Spider, De La Riva, Turtle, 1 Standing and 1 Back, Mounted, Side Control, Try to get Halfguard (see Halfguard), Punch Escape, Lock hands, push O head to my shoulder, my forearm to O face,l once create space get underhook, then punch and go under., See Top back, In Submission, Triangle, Got Back, Rear Naked, Roll into guard, Watch Ankle lock if crossed, Back to Arm Bar