Boxes for Katje

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Boxes for Katje by Mind Map: Boxes for Katje

1. Personal Thoughts

1.1. I think this story is great because it shows friendship and kindness. rosie bought Katje some things out of kindness.

1.2. These 2 girls are very kind because they barely knoweachother and they are sending gifts to one another. Rosie kept giving Ketje things after she found out that Katje was sort of "poor". she gave her things that she needed.

2. Key words

2.1. Holland

2.2. Rosie sends boxes

2.3. Katje shares with her country.

2.4. Katje and Rosie send letters back and forth.

2.5. Rosie sends more stuff that her country can make useful.

2.6. Katje and her Holland people thank Rosie and send her something in return.

3. Important Statements.

3.1. "Weeks passed, and winter roared in, snow-deep and bitter cold, the worst winter anyone could remember.

3.1.1. I find this significant because it shows what the Holland people went through during the winter. Knowing they dont have that much stuff.

4. Symbols

4.1. Boxes- The boxes full of things Rosie gave gave Katje.

4.2. Letters- The letters Katje and Rosie sent eachother.

5. Character #3

5.1. If I had to choose one of the character I would choose Rosie. Rosie is really nice and she is generous.

5.2. If I was one of the characters in this story I would probably feel poor. Most of the Holland people dont have much and barely have what they NEED in life.

5.3. The actions of Rosie tell me that she is generous because she sends Katje things that her country doesnt have.

6. Theme Book Questions #33

6.1. Yes, Katje goes through a change in this story. Rosie sends her things her country needs which is a great help.

6.2. No, some of the characters in this story dont show any pf these things. But I think all ofthe character are strong because from what they go through with having little to know cloths and barely any food.

6.3. No, all of the characters in this story are strong.