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How To Create Great Mind Maps by Mind Map: How To Create Great Mind Maps
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How To Create Great Mind Maps

Working on mind maps part 1

Working with multiple mind maps at the same time is a great way to compare and contrast data within these maps. In this video will be covering switching between maps without having to exit to the main dashboard, as well as using browser tabs to view multiple maps side by side.

Switching maps

Viewing multiple maps

Real-time collaboration and brainstorming

Explore MindMeister's powerful collaboration mode and start brainstorming together!


Link Share


Revision Change

Why use mind mapping?

MindMeister is the industry leading collaborative mind mapping solution. Using the proven mind mapping technique, MindMeister users can quickly and easily map out their thoughts, ideas, and plans, and have a birdseye view not only of where their project stands at the moment, but also, where it's heading. MindMeister's powerful tools are now available to users of the Google Apps Marketplace.

Notes with one click

Adding notes to your mind maps is a great way to further clarify or explain your topic. MindMeister's WunderNote feature provides notes with one click.

Who did what and when

MindMeister's exclusive History View provides a complete change log for your mind maps. Learn how to effectively use this tool.

Automatic links

Adding links to your mind maps is a great way to further clarify or explain your topic. MindMeister's WunderLink feature provides links with one click.

How to mind map

MindMeister is a market leading brainstorming and data visualization application based in the cloud. MindMeister 6 is by far our largest and most substantial product redesign since our inception in early 2007. We've managed to keep all your favorite features, as well add over 200 user-requested additions. Get started with your own mind map today at

Getting Started

Notes / Links / Tasks


Drag and Drop

Click on the symbols to view


History View


Quickly assign tasks

MindMeister's WunderTask feature can quickly and easily assign tasks to multiple parties, all from within your mind map

Working on mind maps part 2

Continuing our MeisterTips series, this video focuses on MindMeister's cut/copy/paste feature, as well as creating new maps from existing map nodes.

Cut / Copy / Past Data

Creating New Nodes from Existing Maps

Help center

Mind Mapping in Education

Lesson Plans



Group Collaboration

Essay Writing

Printing large mind maps

There are some occasions where you'd like to print out your mind map. However, if you've got a large mind map with multiple nodes, printing to a standard 8.5 x 11 or A4 sized paper makes the mind map unreadable. The Solution? Print the mind map to multiple pages using the 'Tile all pages' option in Adobe Acrobat's print settings.