9/11 Through the Voice of Media

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9/11 Through the Voice of Media by Mind Map: 9/11 Through the Voice of Media

1. late response of the gov't later reported

2. SYJ-People base you on your nation’s status in the world -Iraq wasn’t reasonable: No nuclear weapons -Afghanistan was a move that is understandable, but actually, the US didn't have a direct placement of the Taliban, and the many brainwashed can't be killed because they are influenced by others


3.1. Iraq didn't commit any offense to the United States -Attacking Iraq wasn't a smart move, but they did have the right to attack. Morals & belief

3.2. People judge other people based on the status of their country. -example: Virginia Tech

4. SYJ Whose Fault?: -Taliban (planned) but US had precautionary measures (too arrogant) -Terrorists & US gov’t both -Bush asked to cut funds to terrorists & ignored reports -US gave Afghanistan weapons (Taliban) before, and began to use -Highjackers vs. US government -Not the highjackers, but those in control of the Taliban

4.1. 9/11 u.s. government's fault -the government hasn't given the people information about the attack, no notification

5. The Bush family constantly associated with Bin Ladens

6. hints of Al-Qaeda attack during the year of 2001

7. took 9 years to realize that Al-qaeda was inside the US.

8. What did you learn from video? What did you find interesting?

8.1. Islams celebrate this day, they believe suicide will lead them closer to Allah, into paradise

8.2. Martyrs, many Islams want to become Martyrs and believe it is an honor

8.3. Terrorists are very religious. They believe in the Koran and in Allah

8.4. They want to kill enemies of Islam.

8.4.1. Strong hatred towards Jews

8.5. Send their children to be killed because they want the world to know that they can't afford to raise them up

8.6. Comes out of their economic inferiority. Want to become an important person by becoming a martyrs

8.7. not only men are terrorists. Islams find 'terrorism' normal

8.8. don't always aim to kill civilians but they kill them anyway.

8.9. everything is about allah and paradise

8.10. they hate life on Earth because they're so poor. So they all look forward their afterlife with allah

9. AlQueda succeeded crashing the hijacked airplanes on two out of their targets

10. Terror Attack by AlQaeda

11. one of them was world trade center

12. What more did you want to know?

12.1. Aftermath

12.2. Why didn't the government listen to him when he had all the information?

12.3. Did the government know about the issue?

13. What do you know about 9/11?

13.1. massive human losses

13.2. Airline hijacked was United

14. Loose Change

14.1. What do you know about 9/11?

14.1.1. Happened on 2001 Sept. 11

14.1.2. Where? World trade centers

14.1.3. Effected the airline industry

14.1.4. Organized by Alqaeda

14.1.5. Side effects (People were traumatized). Some people think its a conspiracy.

14.1.6. Stereotypes to the middle east countries

14.1.7. New rules for airports&airplanes (security)

14.2. What did you learn from video? What did you find interesting?

14.2.1. 9/11 could have been prevented.

14.2.2. Lot of coincidences that led to 9/11

14.2.3. Powerful people were protected (mayor of sanfrancisco)

14.2.4. Tried to hide information from the people (media control)

14.2.5. The evidence shows that the buildings didn't collapse because of the fire. (Bombs planned) Explosions Training alot of air craft in case someone crashed into a building.

14.2.6. Experts could tell that the collapse of the building was caused by bombs

14.2.7. 9/11 was planned carefully

14.3. What more did you want to know?

14.3.1. New node


15. The Man Who Knew

15.1. What do you know about 9/11?

15.1.1. Happened at the World Trade Center

15.1.2. rumors about Bush

15.1.3. Al-Qaeda

15.1.4. Sadam Hussein

15.1.5. bomb at GW bridge

15.1.6. The homeland security started

15.1.7. Four planes all together-pentagon,world trade center, middle of nowhere

15.1.8. hijacked plane

15.1.9. Osama Bin Laden

15.1.10. biased minds towards Middle Eastern people

15.1.11. A really sensitive subject for many people around the world

15.2. What did you learn from video? What did you find interesting?

15.2.1. How John was a person who got what he wanted as well as dressing up himself. New node

15.2.2. even though it seemed like he was intelligent and all, nobody really liked him

15.2.3. Muslims use different calendar - prove that the new millennium is not in fact a new millennium

15.2.4. O'neil was not allowed to go to ground zero

15.2.5. NY was the ground zero

15.2.6. O'neil's relationship with the FBI was not good.

15.2.7. O'neil was more marginalized ever than the FBI. the office who developed the matter was out of the loop for the case

15.2.8. With the one of the few mistakes O'Neill made, the media made sure that he got fired. (O'Neill knew most about the case)

15.2.9. 2001 - O'neil quits his job with the FBI. He did not want to face the pressure anymore.

15.2.10. He became the head security for the Twin Towers

15.2.11. On Sept 10th, he sensed that something was going to happen soon.

15.2.12. Sept 11, plane crash into the World Trade Center. O'neil was there.

15.2.13. O'neil died after the South Tower collapsed


16. Suicide Killers

16.1. What do you know about 9/11?

16.1.1. World Trade Center, Manhattan

16.1.2. Al-Qaeda

16.1.3. A lot of deaths

16.1.4. Terrorists Osama Bin Laden

16.1.5. Conspiracy about it

16.1.6. Failed attempt in Pennsylvannia broadcasted worldwide

16.2. What more did you want to know?

16.2.1. Is their government doing anything about it

16.2.2. How does this affect other Islams? Those who believe it is wrong

16.3. -From a French Muslim point of view (psychologist) -Wanted to show the extreme religious people

16.4. SYJ-Truly a war against terror: we can't be disgusted at Muslims for celebrating from 9/11, US would celebrates when battles are won in war

17. Fahrenheit 9/11

17.1. What did you learn from video? What did you find interesting?

17.1.1. George Bush Jr. and Sr. had relations to Osama Bin Laden through the Carlyle Group

17.1.2. The Bush family and friends gained 1.4 billion dollars from these business investments

17.1.3. George Bush didn't take immediate action after September 11th

17.1.4. He also gained from the United Defense group that provided military defense for the United States

17.1.5. George Bush received reports prior to the attack about Bin Laden's plans to attack the World Trade Center

17.1.6. At the briefing, the Bush family met the Bin Laden family.

17.1.7. The United States allowed for the deportation of the Bin Ladens and other Saudis immediately after 9/11

17.1.8. What was George Bush thinking while he was reading the children's story at the elementary school?t

17.2. What more did you want to know?

17.2.1. Michael Moore, what is his political bias?

17.2.2. How did the Bush administration hide all of this information?

17.2.3. What was the American and worldwide response to this movie?