Evaluation: What I Learnt?

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Evaluation: What I Learnt? by Mind Map: Evaluation: What I Learnt?

1. Chlamydia

1.1. What is it?

1.1.1. STD: Sexual Transmitted Disease How is it caused! By the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis How is it spread? Ways of contraction! Sexual contact (Vaginal,Oral, Anal) Childbirth (mother to child) If left untreated... Causes serious reproductive and health problems Common disease More than 2.2 million US citizens (age: 13-39) are infected Chlamydia Symptoms Mainly no symptoms only (50% women & 75% Men = no symptoms) Treatment & Cure Antibiotic

2. Webquest

2.1. Quest on web, like a survey

2.1.1. Telling what to do on a webpage Assigments With all information ready Step by Step

3. MindMapping

3.1. Definition (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mind_map) -- A mind map is a diagram used to visually outline information.

3.1.1. Centre = Topic

3.1.2. Every word connected via lines to centre Branches

3.1.3. Clear and understandable

3.1.4. Short sentences or notes of information diagrams with the information

3.1.5. Other terms: spidergrams, spider diagrams, mind webs, spidergrpahs, webbing, spider web, brainstorm map

4. Reporting

4.1. Introduction

4.1.1. Introducing the topic

4.2. Research question

4.2.1. Question to research about

4.3. Hypothesis

4.3.1. What is expected for the results

4.4. Procedure

4.4.1. What has done to find the results

4.5. Processed data

4.5.1. Raw data to clearer forms (diagrams, bar graphs and etc)

4.6. Conclusion

4.6.1. What has been found, Answer to research questions

4.7. Evaluation

4.7.1. How has it gone? Are results reliable, accurate? What there is to change?

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