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The road to Apr 2014: Elections in Afghanistan; a timeline by month. Minimize or expand for details (see arrow links or notes). Continued from by Mind Map: The road to Apr 2014: 
Elections in Afghanistan;
a timeline by month. Minimize or
expand for details
(see arrow links or notes).
Continued from
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The road to Apr 2014: Elections in Afghanistan; a timeline by month. Minimize or expand for details (see arrow links or notes). Continued from



April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, AFG, East, 10th Mountain helos, Akbar: 201 Corps anti-IED tech, 6th SOK captures Bomb maker, 1st SOK going for the hunt, ANSF kills insurgents, Murphy on Afg training, 2nd kill in Mosque, Gunfight in Nangahar, For 201st Corp: Wagner, Leate, 777 Howitzer, Klesck, McAnally,Santiago: 10th Aviation, Also: 10th Delta, McConville & 10th Helo Mountains, Morality of ANSF at Khost, Hero Khost Club, ANSF kills cowardly Taliban, 1st SOK presence felt, 201st Corp mortar training, 1st SOK Watchful, Another example 10th, Milley recognizes the 10th, Humprephys in civil outreach, "Thanks to Provost" 10th Mountain, Williams seeking the enemy for the 10th, West, TF Demon Lewis shield force to the Consulate, ZabuL: ALP public messaging: Gen Roghlewanai, South, SouthWest, 215 Corps transfer of med eq, TF Dargoon & ANA, 3rd SOK destroy IED-Talib, 23rd SOK & Village, Kandahar University, 203 rd Signal Corps afg, 215 Corp Surgical Team, Hero Corp Sultani, 3rd SOK profiles, 7th SOK on the attack, Gen Zarifi At Training Ctr, ANA Sniper training, 3rd SOK destroy IED in the Jungle, 2nd Platoon Marine to Musa Qala, Chura with ALP, Combat Respite, Guam National Guard, Royal Marines b-day, Garcia capture good photos, Air force takes ovr Control Tower, Marines train for "Dodge" style, An excellent writer Peterson, Take the fight to the enemy: Marine, Paxton visit, Desert Rats: Art of War, Marines at Gurjat Village, MIller on Marine culture, McCullough working with MSF and vilalgers, Promotion to Captain with the 7th, 2nd CAV on borders, Marines NCOs, Marines' Birthday: Berry visits, Early am repairs: Cooling , Espitia, Generals serve Thanksgivg meal, The Gunfighters: Staying focused on Thanksgvg:, Grady: fighting for home, North, Weatherman MSharif critical, 455th at M-Sharif, ANASF captures Faruq, Next: Railroad, German Report, NCO knights, Day of Republic: Turkey, 203rd quarterly, IED kill Afg civ, Teenage girl Soccer, Freelance photog eyes Guam, Claveran 101, helps out civilians, 6th SOK drills, Sergeant Audie Murphy Club, Airmen Bush Perspective, C130J: Bailey, Brock, ANSF-ALP keep an eye, 6th SOK protects Kapisia, 6th SOK Visualize on Sand Table Drills, 6th SOK eyes Wardak, Guam team with Danish unit, Camp Shaheen, Piggee, director of logistics, CentCom, Winter is here at Bagram, Craig teaching story telling, Task Force Guam messasge, From Guam to Echo: Care packages, 101: Good for an NFL commercial, Thanksgiving meal, Guam: Strength and honor, Water management in Afg Atlantic Report, The little red house for students, Engineering Classes, Canadian Beare visits, Hostage visits Afg Classic photo, Ballagh Advisor to ANSF, 101 Sustainment taking the Oath, Weston, Sardinas, Ogden, Barry, Provo et al Outside the wire, Karzai refuses BSA, End of query, Levin describes Afg to audience in US, Depty Amb Mckinley, Abbott visits, classic photo of alliance, Hagel describes 1230 report, Loya Jirga security agreement, Mabus in Afg 12th visit, Loya Jirga convenes, Potus calls Hawkins, Hagel calls Afg, Cunningham responds, AFG, North, 5th SOK fight insurgents, East, 201 Corps Challenge and response Mine rollers, Nangarhar Patrol, ANA medics, 1st SOK firefight Nangarhar, Jalalabad: Driver's ed, Night drop Ghazni: classic photo of Hercules, Senior Talib caught, 1st SOK sweep, Johnson: photo, Excellent: 10th Mountain goes low tech as test, Order of the Spur, West, Ahmadi becomes General, Herat: 9th SOK Catches Taliban leaders, Shindad: Nascent Airforce, Sling Team assigned to Herat Consulate, S-SW, Marine 3 Point-men in Convoy, McQuilton Key to advising, ALP in Sangin, Kajaki Damn British poise, Team Uzurgan Classic photos, Convoy in the Rear, Sheriff re-enlists PR heritage with US Army, Jordanian in Zabul, Radio Station Nimroz, 215th Corp Shura, Budihas: Well weathered hat, Triller: Night Patrol, Chaplain Trimble spiritual & physical, Huckabay in Sangin Then and now, 3rd SOK all quiet in Kandahar, Speth: Mortar at night, Iron Horse Exp: Timing & Comm, 3/7 on patrol Near Kajaki?, Marines: Classic photos, Wells and the Super Stallion, Beirut: accepting responsibility, Farah retro, C-130 in video, Patience: Key ingredient in teaching, Back to Farah, Baluch as Helmand Leader, Miller & Malook & Baloch visit Afghan HQ, Lashkar Gah: ALP training, ANA uses C-130 for medic, Kabul, Self-security and ALP, Afg Medic progress, AFG Presidential List, Dostum's apology, Salaang Pass Upgrade: Adapt & Overcome, ANA taking logistics, ALP New headquarters Kabul, 7th Infantry on patrol, 203rd Corp in Wardak Tactical Air Coordinators, Population intimidated by Talib : Wardak, Customs Academy, Elections: Warlord's fate, Symbols in elections, AAF gets C_130, 2nd SOK in Argo district!, 1st SOK over Kabul, Music Festival, Mark and Price: Salang Pass, Red Dragons meet elders, Dunford's Letter, 455th first Weather system - Eyen, Guam Guard: Elicio, Georgia Sons crossing paths, Belgian Chief visits, Belbuena: Makes logistics count, Dust Off Patch with Australians, Dunford's message to the Afghan People, 105th AirWing The Afghan Fiber Ring, US Engineers Teach electric, McConnell on Arial Surveys, Baker: No Special Treatment, 2nd Black Jack Spartans: photo, Dunford's message for Eid, Milley visits SC, Dunford on Base agreement, Macedonian visit, Kerry & Karzai, Russians collaborate, Austin visits East with Ambassador Advisor, Ranneberger travels with Austin, Kerry and Karzai build a partnership, Hagel Builds a bridge, Levin Visits South & East, Rasmussen on Afg future, Levin relates what he saw in AFG, AFG, SW, ANA Medics 215th., Bank Branch Sangin, West, ANSF kills gangster, 4th SOK at Shindad at Talib's Hub, 9th SOK Respond, The Red Berets 9th SOK: First helo attack, Cashmere processing Herat, Heroism in Shindad Garcia, East, Outside Rocket City, Nato Base attacked: New TF at base?, US Response: KIll Haqqani Zadran, Response #2: Kunar strike at border, Fury in Pakistan, 10th Mountain: Integrate realistic training, Ready for fight: Paktya, 1st SOK: Sons of Country, 201st: never give up, 101 Engineers Build, Helicopter Ambulance "Dustoff", ALP Move to Kunar, South, Nicholson & kids, TF Gunfighters at Uzurgan, Classic Photo: Herndon, Taliban killed by ANSF at Helamnd door-to-door, ANSF aims North of province, Reinforcing a camp: Marine Engineers, Musser on Logisitics, Fighting Fear in Zabul 8th SOK & ANSF, ALP finds an IED, 7th SOK saves young boy after Taliban fire, Women Courage for Education, 3rd SOK kills 60 Talib, Lashkar Gah Training Ctr British tutoring, 7th SOK Ramzani remembered, 8th SOK saves a young boy, Shura and ALP with the 205th: Focusing on the young, Leaflets over Helmand, 215th takes over village platform, Marines-Afg SHURA, Central, 6th SOK Wardak, Ivester rescues teammates, 1st SOK Parwan: 32 insurgents, Krul explains the Green Zone, DeFour describes the Ridge other side, 9th SOK in Kabul, ANA radio service, ANA gunfight with traitor and Talib, on AFG political parties, Literacy programs ANA, Army-Afg Shura TF Duke question, Governor & Shura elder: Suliman & Rahimjan & ALP, 205th Hero Corps Kahn promoted, Afg Medevac, 6th SOK keep at it in Wardak, AAF: downloading M-17, 33rd Georgian, North, 5th SOK Hindu Kush, See outcome 2nd day: ALP reclaims checkpoint, Onion Crops increase at Takhar Province, Taliban Sub 5thSOK & 209th elite, Gen Milley: 12 year perspective, Dean: 157th CSSB, Corrected, Art as message, Senior Enlisted Conference, McConville on TV interview Why we came to Afg, 10th Helo: View, AF Michel builds Afg Air, Michel's Project: Afg AF, Chandler: Leading by walking around, MIller opens a training center, Response to 9-11, McCullah: Chaplain's assistant, 455th Zero Defects, Senior Enlisted Leader visits Camp Wilderness, Rations by New Orleans hands in far outposts, Watkins at C-130 ops, 157th Villalobos: Passing on Lessons Learned, Proposed By Stoy, Forester, Hutton and valor, The KIowa in Afg, 401st Army Classic photo, 101 Lifeliner: Confidence, Cary Marine Helo from Euclid Str, The motto for Afg: Connect to the newtork, 455 Flight Clinic: atypical Physician, Morse Valor: Place himself between wounded and enemy, Language class, A10 perspective: 1000-hour club, Poole: Looking after the A10, 43rd excellence: Being honest with numbers, Moorman on Ethics, Father and Daugther: Classic photo as message to the world, 251st Medical Grp: live training, TF Gunfighters: Hoisting, Gunfighters and Australians, ArmyNCO: The soul of the Coprs?, Dunford: Afghans will need US help, Maneuver excercise, Georgia Def. visits, Dunford's Pericles moment, Amb Dobbins, Dobbins interview, Carter awards Polish, Afg, and Am fight Talib tactic, Carter and Milley stand tough, Austin Explains, AGF, East, RC report, 50 Militants killed, Iftar with the 10th, The rule of law with JAGS, Ross meets Odierno, Tactical Center Const, Gov Shinwari on Radio, 1st SOK: Captures Suspects, Salinas & the 201st, Wolfe, Kensinger and unit as Big Brother, 1st Cav: Confuse the enemy, Krul: signs of stabilization in Kunar and one detail, Medical outreach: Logar, 1st SOK gets Talib, ANA kills foreign fighters, South, RC Report, EID with Army brothers instead of family, Helmand Governor at Eid, ALP repel Taliban: Maruf, 3rd SOK: Taliban IED, West, Farah seeking professionalim, Airfield in Farah, RT visits Farah City Army supports, Report from Herat: radio, Bombs in school, ANSF kills 15 Taliban Cowards, ALP" BraveryMedal, Heart: Hundred Years of Press Exhib, Two elders from Farah, South, Sayed Wali killed, Interagency: Uzurgan, Uzurgan Team Col. Simon Stuart, Australian Chief of Operations, ANA 215 Helmand practice mortar, ALP in action:autonoumos, Locals are key, ANA 7th Spec Op, Village Guardians, Wardak: Med Chief, 215th Corp: Independence Day, 7th SOK at Key Line of Communiction, 3rd SOK: unity, Nahr-e Saraj Shura, Bravery in Zabul: Kalshal, Women in Zabul, Ziyaratgu at Uzurgan, Waziri: 7thSOK exceptional, Medi-vac: the first, Fox Company at night, Stuart & Long: Uzurgan Mirabad Operation: case study, MIlitar: take war to villages in Pk, Bee keeping N. Kabul, ALP graduates in Parwan, SCA agreement by Karzai, Karzai initiates award, 6th SOK showcase medic, ALP graduates, FOB Thunder: Karim, Mubim, 1st SOK captures 12 insurgents, Karzai Celebrates Independence day, Karzai meets Italian PM, 6th SOK Wardak, Thompson Teaching English, Alternates to Salaang Pass, 2nd SOK chasing a network, 10th Moutnain Kapisa:Napier, North, Women radio bribed, Religious edict agst women, Kunduz ALP, ANSF catches Talib leader, ANSF Kunar, Women radio back online, Sandro: Schutzenschnur, M-Sharif: US-German exerc., Trainors readying w handgun, Dunford interview, Review on agreement by reporter, Transportation Corp, Air rescue medic, Conn: tough position, Army Convoy: Alpha Troops, Pride in Battle buddies: A Trio, Americans build, Unbelievable: Marine Unmanned. Helo at night, Navy: Brownfield, Marine Logistics & the elements, Response to IG, Unmanned pilots? Marine helo, Miller on the field, McConville and Noorulah, Joshua Gregory: Monden Day, Nash: exceeds expectation, Hensley: Helicopters, Our sisters No-limit, Army: Ryan Anthony, Staff Sgt.Saslav 10th Mountain, Ground crew Apache, Army select advantage, Intro:two beauties, Riding the Buffalo: Hensley, Price, Neito, How to Reach Afg Women, Lobdell: Makes FEDEX look easy, Ground crew A10, Maj. Gen. James C. McConville,, Question: From Mass to Afg?, Bravo: Eyes on details Maintaing high proficency, Army adapts, Gunner Carpenter: 7th Regiment, Cmd Officer Renforth - 7th, Finding IEDs, Baluch and Dunford and Miller, Dunford focuses on essential, Nice touch, Irwin: The Law, Parent-Son ethics, Cover Photo Cpl Lereboours, profile: Metzger, "Adaptive", Army Medic: read language by Daniels, Platoon Sgt Richards in Kundunz, Mathis: A chaplain's competitive advantge, Platoon mentally focused Rodriguez, Electric production: Baptista & Ayivi, Ward re-enlists, Patterson as Chef, ISAF's sacred trust, Odierno at Kandahar MPs, Archiquette on Odierno, Lavoy presents, Zawahiri video, AFG, East, End of reporting, Inactivation Ceremony, ANSF report, Review: Miss US friends Jalalabad region, Return: ANA maintains FOB Kunar Province, Jordanian Team, Seabees expand airport, ALP Graduation Gardez, District attorney killed Herat, 10 Insurgents caught by 1st SOK, West, Farah construction, Watermelon exports, 260Corp Herat, Patroling Farah, ALP Graduation, Farah Judicial building, Watermelon export, Afg Airforce MEDVAC: Dunford, ACE hardware in Afg, Karimi speaks out, Women's view on Taliban, Amsoc garduation, Getting ready to welcome the Russians, Peace Council, Rashid: Role for Taleban, New Electoral Law signed by Karzai, Afg-US Natural allies Col Shams, Afghan marble, 240 antennae approved, South, Creating a working city, Zabul: Women's affairs, Kandahar Power Plant, ALP: Key element, Kandahar's Guardians, The fraternal meal, Pak. Talib killed in Kandahar, Marine keep tempo, Army Samuel R. Young, Excellent ANA Medic training, LOcal Security in Kandahar, ANA kill Taliban in Zabul, Central, Villagers sing a pact, HIghland Festival, Bamyian school and outlook, Bamyan Governor receives prize, North, Balkh: Water quality, 1st Infantry Division are from Fort Knox, Ky Patrol, Watermelon from Kunduz, Cherokee Troop, 6th: Brothers, Eric Reynolds Why we fight, Nicholas Parisi "Iroquois", 1st Lt. Michael Inscho Farah Province, Sergeant Adam Phillips Mentor, Dunford: "As a father", Great Idea: Medical help, Honoring StepFather: Awesome, Twin Brothers' insight, Marine "Combat Team 7" did their duty, Teaching Agriculture, Nice photos, JO conference shaping, Advisors getting gifts, Lucas; Casto: Traffic in Kabul, William Moran: good stand, W. Phillips: one guy makes a difference but gives credit to the team, America are builders: Gomez on safety, Nguyen: On NCOs, Graniero: On Afghan leadership, Herat IED: Insurgents loosing credibility, UK acts as Deputy, RC South Change of Command, Centcom talks about region, New Poster: In every Clime and Place, Dempsey in Afg, British Plan for Afg, Dobbins at House Hearing: On Transittion, British: Return of documents, Dobbins interview TolNews, AFG, East, Large Enemies killed, Taliban leader killed: Nangahar, 20 Taliban killed: Paktika, Taliban Leader O. Jan killed, 600 members of Afg Forces joint movement, Extremist caught, ANA on the attack, Michael O’Meara: ANA-ISAF Liason, 203rd Power, Khost: Mortar Training, Haqqani Abdullah killed, Haqqani Faizullah killed, East: Clear IED 24/7, ISO Talib leader: 5 killed, Building relationship in Khost, Two boys beheaded, ANA kills 11 fights IED, High tempo: searching for Haqqani, West, Complex op. for Farah?, ANSF guards Herat, Seabees: Bridge to the future, Cpt Jennifer Leathers Cmdr. Jeremy Fogt, Women drivers in Herat, Central, Pursuing key leader in Wardak without SF or Air cover: test, Air Termina: Uzurgan, Wardak: 800 pounds of explosives, Preparing for Ramadan, ANASF Response: Strong, TF Lifeliners, North, Kunduz: 5 killed, Faryab: Aziz joins Peace Pr., Sr. Talib killed Kunduz, Balkh: Good investment, South, Taliban Leader Killed, Taliban facilitator arrested, ANA fights for Sangin, ANA Commandos tested, Marines: Operation Nightmare, Lal Mohamed killed ALP in action, Building momentum, Medical outreach: Bravo Importance of Gereshk, Camp Dwyer Marienes & ANA, Capt. Jeffrey C. Blumenauer is a rule of law attorney UZURGAN, Karzai: Railroad, Peace talks with Talib, ANA repulses Talib attack, AIRPORT: MSharif, Kabul: Mobile payments, Why ANA fights, AFG Coordination, Karzai send envoy to Taliban, Karzai ceremony, ANA needs doctors, Airports and Airtravel, Safron by Tandar, ANA: "Lion-Hearts Among Us", Afg Hero: definition, Portraits: Freedom from Fear, SecNav: Nice touch, Australian Defense Min visits, McCulley promoted, Nice Photo, NATO Sofa with Afg, Hagel with Afg minister Pentagon, NATO to Pakistan, Dunford's message: Excellent, Nato partners post 2014 take sections, New Road, Tom Ricks: SAMs & 45 celsius, Ricks: Armitage, Dempsey Review, Dunford's tone: excellent, Army Birthday: 238th, Taliban talks, Dunford on Milestone 2013, Amos visits Afg, Miller talking to troops, Dunford to Pentagon reporters, Dunford to Afghan people, UK: Herat will be mine free, McRaven: Socom doctrine, Dr. Westphal visits Army Vice-Chief of Staff Army, Nice photo for Father's Day, Richardson takes command, America's great touch: the individual, Sgt. Maj. Thomas R. Capel,, Eric Buchanan, Profile, Nathan Blank, 7, Sg. Hervey, Spc. Jeremy Rosenbaugh & friends, Active ground combat, Gunnery Sgt. Dwayne Baters, Capt. Tim Smoke, Nice photo, Boardwalk in Kandahar, James Dobbins to Taliban Talks, The Taliban office, NATO sec General, Hagel on Negotiations, Obama's comments, A clue?, Cameron in Afg, James Dobbins appointed, Enforce the Durand Line, Dep Sec. Def visits the South, SECNAV Ray Mabus visits, Earlier: Amb Dobbins on Afg, Nato Sec-Gen meets Obama, ANA: Starting the fighting season by taking initiative away from foes;, National Defense University, Kabul Streets, Afghan wireless, Afg Air Force, Kandahar Industrial park, AFG Banks, India: Free Trade, Iconic image, NDS captures Tor Gul, Karzai visits India, UAE and Karzai, Marriott Construction Stopped, Paktika Revenue +80%, Uzurgan Almonds, Afg as a tourist destination, Afg women, Karzai's message, Safron export: Herat, Australian-Afg Council, Air Force University, North, Achieved: Jamal, Uzbekistan Taliban connection destroyed, Looking for 15-man cell, Related?, Faryab Governor, Connector Cell killed, getting close, Jalal killed: Smaller groups, Taliban Gul killed, Senior Leader arrested, Talib Naymat killed, Facilitator arrested, Don't stop: Keep looking, South, ANA in the South kills Taliban leader, ANA's and science, Taliban leader caught, Shafiq killed, Zabul Schools, ALP Example, Leaders and Facilitators, IED kills women and children, Senior Talibans arrested, Senior Talib wounded, Talib leader arrested, Taliban leader killed, Talib Razaq killed, Facilitator arrested, Great teachers against IEDs, East, ANA kills Haqqan leaderi Sarwar Khan, ANA in the east pounces on the Taliban, Afg and Pak clash at gate, Shura in East, 11 Insurgents killed, Searching Taliban leader at Waygal, Keep on the presurre, Haqqani arrested, High-profile Haqqani, Major battle by Talib standards, Heavy losses by Talib, Insurgents killed while looking for leader, Tempo in Waygal, Two Haqqanis leaders killed, 17 insurgents killed, ISO Senior Talib, Looking for Haqqani leader of suicide bombers, Pressure on leaders, Chasing Haqqani, Taliban suffers heavy casualties, Central, Insurgent ledr in Zabul province, IED maker, Erasing IEDs, West, Weapon cache, Herat IED, Relentless, The problem of Farah, Education Minister and PRT, Arrest at Farah, Good photo, Visit to Farah Governor, Taliban after Police Chief, Bazaar, Marine Sgt. Jason A. Knuth, LTG Terry hands off command, Afghan Wheat, The mighty A-10, Turkish presence, Britain's Herculian journey, Roush and Young received Purple Hearts, Dunford's remarks to Afg people, Gen Miller visits, Gen Allen contributes, Miller interview, Dunford at Paktika retrograde, Dunford: Insurgents kill Afg civilians, Dunford talks to people, New Zealand, Marine: following stepfather, Trosper makes round, C130 pilot: Capt Schomaker, Monthly photos, Senior Advisor Visits, Leases with landowners, Sgt. Maj. Brian Battaglia Enlisted advisor visits, Memorial Day, 7th, Seabees, Checkpoint manners, One more Seabees, Maj. Gen. Tony Thomas, on the "ALP" bravo, Talib watching?, Investigation over Zabul, Army team at Farah Reconstruction, Nice photo, Ground view East and South, Excalibur: Artillery, Teaching how to think, Roberto Garza: as advisor, Richardson: Afg should be proud, ANA makes a stand at Courthouse, ANA airplanes, ANA kills "Rauf", Photojournalists, Architecture: The Afghan Centre, Taliban cdr, Jamal Faroqi killed, ISO: Uzbekistan leader, ANA: Visuals "l' epsrit de corps", Consul General Jillian Burns, Status from Embassy, Kerry at Brussels with Afg & Pak, Weak Arguments by smart observers, Clearing IEDs consistently, Plane crash in East, Good Idea: "Proper Exit' for wounded warriors, Facilitators killed or captured, The Basics: ANA clears lots of IEDs, Training Afghan Journalists, Visiting Consultants, Book: Churchill, Floods in Balkh Pr., Torkham Gate, Agriculture in Khost, Going after distribution system, Guards in Farah province: in ancient Sistan?, U.S. Army the FOB Smart Zabul Province, Kandahar: Sher Zamamn caught, Kunar, ISAF's timeline, Dunford at US Senate Dempsey in Afg ceremony, Leadership visits, Dunford & Gen Allen on troop strength, More IEDs, Lashkar and Taliban leaders made null

Karzai going to Qatar, Nuristan airport, ANA Janan: Disrupt the Jungle

Afg and US on Taliban Talks, Kerry in Afg, Afg gold: Safron

Agreement on Prisoners, Allen explains Karzai, East-South: Key insurgents stopped, Death of Taliban Leader Tamim and Gul Ahmad, Afghans and Americans together, Dunford: Doesn't think about drawdown: here's why

Pres. Karzai

Orders no air support for ANA, Accuses US-Taliban collusion, Orders SF out of Wardak, Issues Related to Wardak the former Defense Minister? Also mentions need for Afghan Air asset, Karzai's close ties to GBerets, Wardak: Afghans need to win this war; Afghan honor makes it difficult to depend on others to win. "we are grateful" but we don't want rely on US forever. Need air assets. Watch 38min to 42min., Afg never had a railroad: until now, Karzai wants airplanes since his DC trip

Sec. Hagel and Sec. Kerry

Visits Kabul; bombs by Talib "Karzai remembers."-cnn

Gen Dunford

First month:Orders attacks East and South, Tribes standing up to Taiban before fighting season Feb 6., Q&A: "the more significant challenges in the campaign are actually psychological", Agreement: Out of Wardak's Nirkh district

Allen's farewell speech