Exuberant adj.

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Exuberant adj. by Mind Map: Exuberant adj.

1. Definition

1.1. Almost uninhibitedly enthusiastic; lavishly abundant

2. Synonyms

2.1. cheerfull

2.2. zingy

2.3. elated

3. Antonyms

3.1. depressed

3.2. discouraged

3.3. unenthusiastic

4. Pictures

4.1. New node

4.2. New node

5. Other Forms

5.1. The exuberance in the classroom on the last day of school was higher than on the first day of school.

5.1.1. Exuberance: (noun)

5.2. Clara exuberantly ran into her mothers arms when she got off of the plane in Utah, after her month long vacation with her grandparents in Virginia.

5.2.1. Exuberantly: (adverb)