Always tiered - session 3

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Always tiered - session 3 by Mind Map: Always tiered - session 3

1. Step 9

1.1. Review session 2

1.2. mechanism flow chart

1.3. 20 minutes

2. Step 10

2.1. Management

2.1.1. Specific diagnostic test: antibodies IF

2.1.2. Goals regain the normal level of B12 restore hemoglubin level reduce symptoms of HF improve the appetite hematopeiosis restoration neurological assesment

2.1.3. hemoglobin level restoration blood transfusion isovolumic exchange in sever cases given with dirutics

2.1.4. B12 parentral hydroxycobalamin 1 mg daily3 weeks inetially 6 tymes maintenance for 1000 oral oral doses will work (1000-2000 mcg daily) depends on the patient values might be given after the parentral

2.1.5. Folate 1-5 mg daily for 1-4 mo

2.1.6. HF contintuation of ACE-I & Beta blockers dirutics

2.1.7. on going monitoring monitor stool for malignancy suspection LDH and billirubin assest for recurrent salls neurological symptoms supplemintatoion potassium for hypokalemia nutrition Vit. D education about diet folate consumption diatry products her family for compliance social workers for depression Psychiatry

2.1.8. Outcomes neurological symptoms improved after 6 mo typical symptoms resolved after 2-3 days reticulosytosis will peak in 1 week

2.2. Prevention

2.2.1. compensate for deficiencies in vegetarians pregnant gastoectomy patients Nitric oxide

2.2.2. genetic consultation

2.2.3. folate for premature newborns

2.2.4. education about healthy food covering the vitamin needs

2.3. 30 minutes

3. step 11

3.1. Review and evaluate

3.2. Group members

3.3. Chairman

3.4. Scribe

3.5. Tutor

3.6. Material

3.7. 10 minutes