Cunning (adj)

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Cunning (adj) by Mind Map: Cunning (adj)

1. Definition

1.1. Having or showing skill in achieving one's ends by deciet or evasion.

1.2. Skill in achieving one's ends by deciet or envasion. (n)

2. Synonyms

2.1. canny

2.2. sly

2.3. wiliness

3. Examples

3.1. Cunning girl

3.2. Cunning fox

4. Antonyms

4.1. gullible

4.2. kind

4.3. shy

5. Other Forms

5.1. Cunningly (adverb)

5.1.1. The fox cunningly stole the egg by distracting the mother with a rock.

5.2. Cunningness (noun)

5.2.1. It was his cunningness that helped him steal the i pod and prevent the police officers from noticing it was him.