Depredation (n)

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Depredation (n) by Mind Map: Depredation (n)

1. Synonyms

1.1. Desecration

1.2. Desolation

1.3. Spoliaton

2. Antonyms

2.1. Construction

2.2. Miracle

2.3. Wonder

3. Other Forms

3.1. Depredate (verb)

3.1.1. When the family finally left, the hooligans came out from their hiding spot and began to depredate the home.

3.2. Depredator (noun)

3.2.1. The mist, also known as the depredator, was a mysterious substance that laid waste to anything in its path.

4. Definition

4.1. An act of attacking or plundering.

5. Examples

5.1. A merciless depredation against a French Battery.

5.2. The Japanese depredation on Pearl Harbor in 1941.