Alcohol Consumption

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Alcohol Consumption by Mind Map: Alcohol Consumption

1. effects

1.1. Physical

1.1.1. Hangovers

1.1.2. Drunkeness

1.1.3. Lack of Motor Control

1.1.4. Alcohol poisoning

1.1.5. Asphyxiation (through vomit)

1.1.6. affects sleep low consumption improves sleep

1.1.7. Lethargy

1.2. Mental

1.2.1. Loss of Consciousness (Black out)

1.2.2. Impaired Reactions

1.2.3. Memory loss

1.2.4. lack of restraint

2. Problems Caused

2.1. Illegal actions

2.1.1. Sexual Assault

2.1.2. Public indecency

2.1.3. Theft

2.1.4. Fighting

2.2. Drink Driving

2.2.1. Hit and Runs

2.2.2. Car Crashes

2.3. People being taken advantage of

2.3.1. Sexual Assault

2.3.2. Theft

2.3.3. Physical harm

2.4. Social Outcasting

2.4.1. caused from not drinking

2.4.2. Caused from drinking too much

3. Alcoholism

3.1. effects

3.1.1. mental depression memory impairment brain damage mental disorders

3.1.2. physical lack of money Malnutrition Loss of personal possessions Increased disease risk Cancer Liver problems Mental disorders Weight gain

3.1.3. social thought of as shameful Rejection of friends and family Self depritiative

4. Society

4.1. Government

4.1.1. Make laws about alcohol

4.1.2. Govern taxes on alcohol

4.2. Organisations

4.2.1. Spread Awareness of problems with alcohol

4.3. Families

4.3.1. Parents Affect the drinking habits of their children

4.3.2. Siblings Affect who other siblings drink with

4.4. Friends

4.4.1. Have a large influence on their friends drinking habits

4.4.2. Apply peer pressure

5. Culture

5.1. Alcohol is 'fun'

5.1.1. People view Alcohol as a necessity for social gatherings

5.2. Public acceptance of Alcohol

5.2.1. Makes the rejection of alcohol difficult (similar to peer pressure)

5.3. Australian Culture

5.3.1. Australians are known for alcohol consumption (especially beer)

5.3.2. Clubs and Groups Sporting Clubs Pub Crawls

5.3.3. Real Blokes drink beer