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Case Study - Logoplaste by Mind Map: Case Study - Logoplaste
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Case Study - Logoplaste

Plastic pellet

supplied by Petrochemical

Rigid plastic container industry 21% of container

APA largest 30%

FCMGs such as P&G, Coca-Cola

Industry Trends

1. Industry consolidation 2. production consolidation (demand increased) 3. sustainability (eco-friendly packages, such as bio-polymer bottles, efficient Supply chain Mgt) 4. globalization


1. Alpla-Werke

2. Amcor

3. Graham

4. Packaging and Plastipak


1. Structure and Financing – succed in financing in 2010, the entire Brazilian operation

2. Client recruitment and retention – 100% customer retension, let client enjoy higher scale benefits (Lean)


On-sit sets up inside or close to clients’

Off-site units serve customer from a central location,

scale benefits and diversifying client risk


North America, Central and Eastern Europe, China and Asia- Pacific

Challenging markets – accepted P&G offer by first seting up plant in Malaysia


- in-house manufacturing in Europe with its “hole-in-the-wall” concept.

Dictated minimum production scale and just-in-time deliver.

Initial Expansion

Hole-in-the-wall concept expanded to Spain in 1992

In 1997, partnered with Coca-Cola and in 1998, partnered with 2 larger plants for P&G

Business Model

open-book policy

allowing prospective clients to review the investment and cost estimates used to calculate proposed contract includes the cost pass-through clause, efficiency-gain clauses, penalty one.

null transportation costs

reliable quality and competitive prices


Global Org


World Bank



Core Strategy Tools

Understanding Competitive Advantage

Strategic Options

Organization Design

Strategic Prioritization

Executing Strategy

Quality Strategy