God and the Meaning of Life

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God and the Meaning of Life by Mind Map: God and the Meaning of Life

1. 1. The meaning of life

1.1. if god does not exist then human life is meaningless

1.2. 1 interpretation: meaning comes from a supernatural being

1.3. 2nd interpretation: meaning brings goodness into the universe

1.4. 3rd interpretation: good life for the person who lives it and to have worthwhile activity

2. 4 arguments that life lacks internal meaning without God

2.1. life can be characterized by all the events that happen to a person

2.1.1. no god=no afterlife

2.2. life has internal meaning only if it has supernatural meaning

2.2.1. no supernatural meaning means no mission

2.2.2. life is a pointless existence

2.3. life has internal meaning only if a suitably significant being cares about or takes an interest in that life

3. Richard Taylor's way out: creating your own meaning

4. peter singers way out: meaning through eliminating pain

5. aristotles way out: intrinsically good activity