SAP® Business ByDesign™ for Subsidiaries

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SAP® Business ByDesign™ for Subsidiaries by Mind Map: SAP® Business ByDesign™ for Subsidiaries

1. A2X Services

1.1. A2X (Application-to-eXchange) web services are created to allow extensions of the SAP software. By definition they are only synchronous inbound services.

1.2. link to a2x services

2. 3PL integration functionality:

2.1. Connect the Business ByDesign system to an external warehouse management system of a third party logistics provider

2.2. InventoryNotificationIn InboundDeliveryExecutionIn OutboundDeliveryExecutionIn

2.3. How to guide 3PL Integration

3. Integration Scenarios

3.1. Third-Party Order Processing with SAP ERP Integration

3.2. Procure-to-Pay with SAP ERP Integration

3.3. Accounts and Contact Integration with SAP ERP

3.4. Material Integration with SAP ERP

3.5. Financial Consolidation Preparation

3.6. Import of SAP ERP Payroll results to Business ByDesign Accounting via Accounting entry

3.7. Analytics Integration

3.8. CAD Product Design Integration

3.9. Customer Contracts - Managed Service consumption Integration

3.10. E-Commerce Integration

3.10.1. Manage Accounts Query Accounts Query Materials Product Availability Determination In Manage Payment Card In Manage Sales Price List In Query Sales Price List In Manage Sales Orders Query Sales Orders Shipping Source Of Supply Determination In Manage Customer Quote In Query Customer Quote In Query Entitlement Products Query Service Products Maintain Lead

3.11. Demo System

3.11.1. Scenario Outline

3.11.2. BPP

4. Integration Guides

4.1. Master Guide

4.2. How-to-Guide for the CAD

4.3. Integration Guide for Analytics

4.4. Integration Guide for Accounts and Contacts

4.5. Integration Guide for Materials

4.6. Integration Guide for Purchasing

4.7. Integration Guide for Payroll

4.8. Customer-Specific Localization

4.9. Interoperability Handbook

5. Customer specific location enablement

5.1. Localization toolkit

6. Implementation

6.1. Subsidiaries integration:

6.2. SAP ERP Consulting: