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website name by Mind Map: website name
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website name


  Author is named +6 Credentials confirmed +5 Additional information about author/sponsor +5 Relevant sites link to your +6 Site links to other relevant sites +6 Domain points:  .edu = +6 .org = +6 .com = +3 .net = +3 .gov +6 other = +3 Contact information +5


Purpose is to inform or educate +3 Advertisements are labeled and set apart from content +3 Affiliations and/or allegiances are specified +3 Author defines bias or point of view that is central to the information presented +3  


  Information is easy to find and understand +2 All parts of the site load +2 Excellent grammar, no typos, no misspelling +2  


  Intended audience is clear +5 Site creation date listed +3 Site updated recently +3 Current copyright +3 Site has been revised recently Points: +3 Information current for a stable or historical topic +5 Resources cited +3 Opinions backed up by research +3 I verified information with print/subscription database +3