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Effective Pair Programming by Mind Map: Effective Pair Programming
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Effective Pair Programming


Nicholas Tuck

Brandon McAllister

AFWWEBS / Metservices Team pairing full time for 2 years

Sit by Andy Sedlacek, in front of Trent's office


Pair Programming Illuminated

C2 Pair Programming Wiki

What is Pair Programming?



How it Works



Learn some Techniques

Tips and Tricks

If your navigator is getting bored, pass them the keyboard

If your partner is getting tired or frustrated, grab the keyboard

Handling Conflict


Use test driven development

Practice Humility

Take Breaks


Be a Team Player

Benefits of Pair Programming

Software Quality

Saved Time

Knowledge Sharing

Strengthens Teams

Nick's take on when to use Pair Programming

This is Nick's idea. Management is not telling you to use Pair Programming.... But I am


Pair Programming

Myths of Pair Programming

The team productivity will be cut in half

The navigator finds only syntax mistakes. Compilers can do that better than humans can

Pair Programming is good for training, but once you know what you're doing it is a waste of time

I'll never get to work alone. I couldn't stand that!

It will work well only with the right partner

I'll never get credit for doing anything. I'll have to share all the recognition with my partner

Only time I ever get any real work done is when I'm alone


Parking Lot